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Warbreaker + Elantris Reading Group

First off, it’s Wednesday, and that means a new chapter of Warbreaker!

For more info on Warbreaker–why I’m releasing it for free, that kind of thing–look on my Forums. You can also find all of the older chapters there.

Next, to shake things up, some more wedding pictures:

These two were actually unused engagement photos. Big thanks to Jeff, my brother in law, for the digital manipulation on these, making us look far less goofy than we have any right being.

Finally, I’ve had several email requests for discussion questions about Elantris, in case people want to do the book in their book clubs or reading groups. (And, can I say that I find this very flattering? Thank you so much to everyone who recommends the book this way to their friends.)

So, just in case anyone is curious, I’ve posted them here with spoilers excised. (I’ll also add these to the Elantris Resources page, spoilers included.)

1) Most people who read the book find themselves gravitating toward one of the three characters. Which was your favorite, and why? Did you find yourself disliking the time I gave to other characters, and if so, which one was your least favorite?

2) The format of the book is a little bit unique. I use a ‘chapter triad’ system, where I rotate through the three viewpoints covering roughly the same period of time thrice over. How do you think this enhanced/detracted from the book? Did you even notice?

3) Some of the cultures in ELANTRIS were based, obviously, on ones from our world. (JinDo, Duladel.) Others were developed specifically for the book. (The Elantris society, most of Fjordell society.) Which culture felt the most real to you, and why?

4) The ending of the book was devised to stand out from the rest of the work. The chapter triad system broke down, the tone changed from ‘political intrigue’ to ‘outright warfare’ and the viewpoints began to speed up, moving in quick rotation. Did you like the rushed feeling of the ending, or did you find it too overwhelming? Why? Which of the twists were your favorite? Which ones did you see coming, and which ones surprised you?

5) The magic in ELANTRIS was designed to be one of its more unique points…SPOILER REMOVED! What were your thoughts on it? Did you like the scientific approach to magic, or would you have preferred something more mystical? What parts of the magic system and its plotting did you like, and which did you find unimportant?


7) Where do YOU think the Seons came from, and how do they relate to the magic of AonDor?

8) Elantris was written as a stand-alone book. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m not planning to eventually do more in this world. What would you like to see in a sequel?


10) Would you read any more of Brandon Sanderson’s books? (Hint: Mistborn is already out, and it’s really good!)

Link to Unedited Questions

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