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Warbreaker + Daylight Savings

Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-One

Link to all Warbreaker Chapters (and an explanation of what the heck it is.)

Okay, now on to the real meat of the post. You see, I’ve figured it out. I know the TRUE purpose of Daylight Savings. All of that talk about saving money on electricity, on saving lives by not making people drive in the dark as much–those are all lies.

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.

The REAL reason has to do with clocks. You see, I know someone out there wants to frustrate us. They’ve created all these digital gizmos which all, for some unexplained reason, all have chronometers on them. (I mean, why does my microwave need a clock? Nobody has been able to explain this to me. I want it to tell me when my burrito is done, not explain that it’s time to watch Lost.)

All of these devices have obscure, incredibly complex methods of changing the time they display. Each one is a puzzle of increasing difficulty, like the separate tests or challenges placed before a Greek hero before he was allowed to win the prize.

This is the point of Daylight Savings time. To force us, for good or ill, to undertake the challenge of the chronometers. The time between changes is just long enough to let us forget how, exactly, we changed the clock the last time.

I’m convinced the Librarians are behind this somehow.

|   Castellano