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Warbreaker + Customization

First off, here’s your weekly Warbreaker chapter: Chapter Fifty-One

For an explanation, and the earlier chapters, see this thread right here. Please feel free to make suggestions! Don’t be intimidated by the length of the conversation. The only posts you need to worry about are the first one (with the older chapters) and the discussion happening about the current chapter (which, of course, starts right after my post saying “The new chapter is up!”)

Anyway, on other things. Doing that desktop wallpaper for Mistborn was a whole lot of fun. As you might be able to tell from my Amphigories, like to play with Photoshop. As you might also be able to tell from my Amphigories, I’m not really that good at it. (There’s a reason why I write books rather than drawing graphic novels.)

Now, however, I’ve gotten into the whole desktop customization thing. And that means customized Icons for each of my book folders! I’m playing with the Mistborn ones right now, and so far, they’re pretty simple.

The first two are okay. With the third one, I tried to move away from a square, but I can’t get the edges to not look dumb. More tweaking is obviously in order. And, that’s how I name the files and chapters of these three books, by the way. MBFE is Final Empire, MBWA is Well of Ascension, and MBHA is Hero of Ages. That MBWA icon is from another wallpaper I’m working on, which I don’t have sized properly yet. You can find it on Deviantart, and I should be posting it on the blog eventually.

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