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Warbreaker + Contracts

Wednesday Warbreaker: Chapter 28!

(This is a chapter from a free e-book I’m releasing on-line. Please read the previous chapters here, if you are interested. Also, I love to get feedback, since this book is in a very rough draft form!)

And, in other news, the Scholastic Contracts are sighed! Finally!

I knew it was going to happen, but still it’s a little bit unsettling to have a deal like that looming over your head, contracts unsigned. The worrier in you can still come up with problems and issues that could pop up. Indeed, we had a series of tough negotiations on these contracts where my agent called a couple of times and asked me at what point I would like to take the series back out and shop it to others! (Not that he was saying we’d do it for certain–he just wanted to know where the breaking point was.)

However, Joshua and Steve came through for me and got the points on the contract we needed. Movie rights, should we sell them, are secured to us. So are the issues surrounding out-of-print and a lot of other tiny details. It’s always a give and take process.

But, they’re done, and it’s official. Scholastic will be publishing the ALCATRAZ series. Now we just need to come up with a title….

So, here’s a shot of me signing the contracts on Saturday:

Yes, I know, I’m in my pajamas. I figured that made sense–they are, after all, the uniform I wear to work every day.

Close up, with–I noticed–my social security number displayed prominently. Lovely. (Scribble scribble.)

And, a picture of Permberly because she was silly enough to let me grab the camera before she could and download the pictures!

Always something cool for you here on the BS BLog. (And yes, that is the infamous MelonSlayer in the background.)

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