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Warbreaker Chapter + Hollywood

Conduit was a blast! I big thanks to everyone who said hello, and to those who organized the deal. I’m already looking forward to MountainCon next fall, at which I’m doing the official guest thing.

And, speaking of fun things, I’m flying out on Wednesday to go to sunny Hollywood and meet with some producers, get a tour of one of the studios, and otherwise enjoy myself. I’m afraid the ink isn’t dry yet on the deal, so I can’t make any official announcements, but you’re free to speculate all you want. No, this isn’t a joke. Yes, I have been offered a movie deal (I’ve got the contracts right here, actually.) No, it probably isn’t for the series you’re thinking about. No, this doesn’t mean that the movie is sure to get made. (I’ll let you know more when I can, next week if possible. But what I’ve been offered is what is called an option, which is the first step in a movie getting made. It will still be a while before we know if the project has been green-lit or not.)

In celebration, here are two more Warbreaker chapters, as I’ve been neglecting to post them lately.

Warbreaker HTML: Chapter Twelve
Warbreaker HTML: Chapter Thirteen

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