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WARBREAKER at GoodReads, B&N, and Romantic Times

Over at the Book Smugglers they’ve posted a guest spot from me on my favorite reads of 2009. As I’ve said before, I was sad that unlike a lot of you I didn’t get to rush out and read a new Wheel of Time book this October. On that blog I share a list of what I did get to read instead.

There’s been a lot of love for WARBREAKER recently. It’s the December discussion topic for GoodReads’ fantasy book club, and I’ll be participating in the discussion there in January. The book also got the #4 slot on Barnes & Noble’s book clubs Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Novels of 2009 list. (They discussed it back in July; see my Q&A thread there). But the biggest news is probably that WARBREAKER has garnered a nomination from the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards for Best Epic Fantasy of 2009. (See the full list of nominees here.) So far that’s five fantasy novels out from Tor, five Romantic Times award nominations, and two wins (ELANTRIS and HERO OF AGES). Wow! If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, I hear that Borders is a good place to buy WARBREAKER right now–they are the most likely chain to have copies in stock. (You can check your local store’s inventory at the link.) Or of course check the list of stores that have signed copies.

In this week’s episode of the Writing Excuses podcast, Dan, Howard, and I talk about antiheroes. Familiar with The Talented Mr. Ripley? Howard isn’t.

In the most recent annotations for MISTBORN 3, I talk about Sazed putting on his metalminds and Spook’s romance with Beldre as well as the death of Bilg. Don’t remember Bilg? Umm… Oh, and I also put up an annotation for “Defending Elysium” (but be sure you read the story first).

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