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Warbreaker, Annotations, and notes. Oh my!

Let me formally, informally introduce you to a new section of the Library. Here is where, from now on, I’ll be posting all sample chapters, short stories, and selections from books for readers to find. I decided I wanted a central location where readers could go to find all fiction that I’d posted for free, whether it be sample chapters or complete novels. This is a ‘soft’ launch of the Library since it doesn’t have much content yet, and the introduction isn’t done either. We’ll put a gem on the front page when it’s actually done.

Anyway, speaking of complete novels, I’ve begun to post WARBREAKER 4.2 in html for readers to enjoy. So, if you’ve been avoiding reading the book because you don’t want to deal with a download, you can follow along reading here. I’ll post one chapter a week for the next year.

I’ve also posted a new MISTBORN 2 annotation. Following a request on my forums, I’ve given bolded headings to each little chunk of the annotation. Does this help? I’ve avoided doing this in the past as I worried about headings like this acting as spoilers for people who hadn’t read the book accidentally clicking on the link. But, well, if you haven’t read the book and you click on the annotation link, there’s probably no real way for you to avoid spoilers anyway.

Also, I have a request. Those of you who read my LJ, what do you think of the format? I ask because when I started mirroring over to LiveJournal, I was still very new to all of this. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even look at the LJ version of the blog. Happily, it’s become a very large community with a good number of readers. I assume that many of you just get the posts on your friends page, so my format doesn’t matter, but I do wonder if the text is too small. I just kind of picked the first or second LJ theme that appealed to me and haven’t given much thought to it since.Inquisitor

Finally, I want to send a link in the direction of a friend of mine. Drew Olds married one of my writing buddies, Ms. Fish, and happens to be a fantastic painter of miniatures. He’s starting up a web store to show them off, and I thought I’d post one of his images here the pictures are so nice and I feel that my blog needs more images. I might post more in the future; go have a look at his stuff!

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