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Warbreaker 6.1!

At long last, I proudly present the final electronic draft of WARBREAKER. This is Version 6.1, and includes the edits made by suggestion from my editor, along with other numerous tweaks to language, foreshadowing, and some small characterization changes. The draft includes a brand new Lightsong scene as well. You will find a short revision explanation at the end of the book, explaining in a tad more detail the changes I made.

From here, the book will go to copyedit. I will still be tweaking the manuscript, but now it will all happen on paper, and my electronic copy won’t get updated. So if you want to read the final version, you’ll have to grab a copy when it gets released next summer in hardcover! As always, thank you for reading. Enjoy!

(Note, my plan is to update the html version of the book I’m posting on my website to be 6.1 instead of 4.2. Also, note that 6.1 is in Manuscript Format, which means that there are underlines instead of italics. Feel free to change those for readability, if you wish. Also, if anyone wants to port 6.1 to PDF form with bookmarks for the chapters–or to palm format or other mobile reader formats–I’ll happily post those as well.)

|   Castellano