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This post originally appeared at Borders’ Babel Clash blog.

This is the part where I pitch my book, apparently. Only, I’ll admit, I’ve never been that great at this part of the whole process. I once heard a wise man (Robert Jordan) say something along the lines of “Well, I wrote the series as long as I did because that was how long it took me to tell the story. If I could tell the story in a one-page summary, that’s what I’d have written in the first place.” I always had trouble writing a query letter or synopsis for one of my books. (Note how I cleverly worded that sentence in such a way as to keep from having to figure out how to spell the plural of synopsis.)

But if you’d like a summary, here’s a page where I posted some things my editor wrote about the novel:

Blog Post: It’s Out!

That page also includes a nice long list of reviews from top tier media sources, including some glowing words from:
Publisher’s Weekly (They call the book Powerful, extraordinary, and highly entertaining.)
The Library Journal (They call the book “essential reading for fantasy fans.”)
Booklist (They call the book superior.)
And Michael Moorcock, who says: “Anyone looking for a different and refreshing fantasy novel will be delighted by this exceptional tale of magic, mystery and the politics of divinity.”

Are the words of those nice people why you should read my book? Well, I guess it depends. What and what are your personal tastes? Warbreaker is a standalone epic fantasy, self-contained in one book with an original magic system. The story focuses on reversals and witty dialogue, along with some (hopefully) deep and interesting characters. Is that why you should read the book? Perhaps.

If you’ve liked what I’ve had to say on the blog, if you enjoy epic fantasy that tries to take a few steps away from the cliché, if you like to support people who post their books on-line for free alongside the store product, or if you’re simply curious who this guy is that is finishing the Wheel of Time, maybe that is why you should read the book.

But it’s hard for me to explain to people what they ‘should’ do. You make that call yourselves. It’s been a pleasure visiting with you all for these two weeks, and I hope to do it again some time. If you’re curious about my work, check out the link above. If not, then you’re fine by me. Not every book is going to appeal to every reader, and we can like different things and still get along.

Thanks for listening to my random rants!


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