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Warbreaker 5.0 Done, on to 6.0

The 5.0 version of Warbreaker is finished.  Now, I’m going to start working on the 6.0 draft. 

Why have two separate draft numbers if I’m just going to launch right into another revision?  Well, there are a couple of reasons.  First off, I like having a separate draft number for the edit where I inputted changes my editor specifically made, line by line, as he read through the previous version.  In the case of Warbreaker, this will allow me to post a version of the book up which holds only changes made via line edits by Moshe.  I think this might be of interest to those who are curious at the level of changes suggested by one’s editor.

In addition, a draft number for me means “This is one time I’ve read through the book and made changes.”  While this draft–where I pretty much only change small, line-by-line issues noted by my editor–doesn’t involve me reading each and every word, it counts as a draft to me.  This is just the organizational method I use.

6.0 will be the last major revision of the book.  I’m going to read from page one all the way through, looking to change some final issues.  Most of these issues have to do with one of the following:

1)  My desire to foreshadow events in the last few chapters just a little bit better.  (Specifically the powers gained by those who have reached the upper heightenings.)
2)  My editor’s request that I make certain that each instance of Lightsong’s banter is in-world and not distracting.  Note: I’m not planning to change him or his method of humor.  I’m just going to make certain I’m not violating world logic in order to make a joke. 
3)  My agent’s requests that some of the slower sections get trimmed a bit.  He also asks if I can make the threat of war seem a little more worrisome to the characters.
4)  My wish to fix a few continuity problems and the like.

None of this will require major changes to the story, as you can see.  Mostly, we’re working on getting the tone right in this draft.  Note that in this draft, I haven’t yet entered the proofreading changes that a number of kindly readers sent to me.  I’m planning that for 6.0.

Anyway, if you’re interested, here is Warbreaker version 5.0

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