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Warbreaker 1,0 to 2,0

After much effort and wrangling computer programs, I’ve finally managed to get the Microsoft Word function to compare the first two versions of Warbreaker.

Download the document here. (Around 2 megs)

I think this is an exciting document to look at. There’s an explanation at the beginning, but essentially, this document lets you see each and every change I made when I was revising Warbreaker from the first draft to the second draft. For those of you who are learning the writing craft, you might find this very interesting to look over. Things I added for the 2.0 are in red, things I kept are in white, and things I deleted have a red strikethrough through them.

I’ll do this for the 2.0 to 3.0 sometime soon. If you have any questions about why I did what I did, feel free to ask them on the Warbreaker thread in my forums.

Warbreaker Thread
Download other Versions of Warbreaker


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