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Warbearker + Mistcloak

Wednesday Warbreaker: Chapter Twenty-Nine

As always, find an explanation of Warbreaker–as well as all of the old chapters–right here. Feedback appreciated!

And, just so you know, I’m totally sick. Like, coughing, sneezing, throat sore, pressure behind my eyeballs sick. Fortunately, I’m a writer. What does that mean? Well, I don’t really have to go anywhere today. I can just sit at home in my PJs and work on books for you lovely folks. I just hope I don’t end up making all of the characters sound grumpy….

To lighten your day, check out these pictures of a Mistcloak someone made for someone to wear on Halloween. These are both active members on the TWG Forums, where my own forums happen to be hosted, so if you want to tell Nessa and Shrain how awesome they are, click right here.

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