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Various Warbreaker Notes

The Release Party was a blast.  Thank you to all who came.  And thank you to Badali Jewelry for giving us some Mistborn Allomantic Table Medallions to use as prizes in the drawing! 

If you haven’t looked at those medallions yet in the store, they’re really quite spectacular.  The pewter version is very affordable, and works as a keychain or as a necklace.  I’ll have a few more to give away at each signing I’m doing this week.  So if you missed me–or if you just want to come to a more relaxed signing and hear me read and do a Q&A–make sure to catch me tonight at Borders or this weekend at one of the Barnes and Noble signings in Salt Lake. 

If you want a numbered copy, know that I left about sixty with Sam Weller’s for mailing.  I know they’ve sold a number of them already, but there should be plenty left through the week.  I’m going to drop by again on Saturday and do personalizations, so it looks like you’ve got another few days if you would like to get one mailed to you.  I think they’re still selling them at a discount as well. BYU also has some numbered copies left from the signing, and so if you drop by during the next few days and ask for one, they should be happy to dig one out for you. 

I also want to add one little reminder about the Warbreaker Info Page, in case you missed it yesterday.

Finally, if there are any blog readers of mine who live in India, I wanted to mention a bookstore who emailed me today.  They’re in India and are importing my books; I thought it would be good to link the store for any of you over there trying to find my novels.  Thank you, Flipkart, for taking the time to import my books.  I believe they’ll ship to anyone in India who wants to pick up a copy, so if you have been wanting to read my work and you live over there, look into this store.   

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