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Various Vacation Notes

Hope you USA folks had a nice forth, and the rest of you all had a nice average normal day. (Oh, and happy belated Canada Day to all you up north.)

To celebrate the holiday, my editor finished his final edit of Mistborn 3 and sent it off to me. Came on Tuesday, and Spriggan picked it up for me. I’m actually in Idaho this week–which gives me an excuse to not start on the MB3 revision until Monday. Things have been going well with Dragonsteel lately, and I’m loathing turning away from it yet again (the third time) to work on another project. That’s something I never had to do before I got published–I could always work on what I wanted to when I wanted to. Now that I have two book deals, deadlines keep interfering with things. (Sigh. Yes, I know, it’s a problem a lot of you would just LOVE to have to deal with.)

Saw Ratatouille (or however you spell that) on Monday, and I thought it was fantastic. Finally a movie I was really hoping for that lived up to the hype. I still think my #1 for the year is Meet the Robinsons–I don’t know why, but that movie just really connected with me. Ratatouille is easily second, however.

It’s going to be an interesting month; I’ve got a lot of ‘vacations’ planned. I put that in quotes because a GOOD vacation for me is one where I can get away and work on my writing uninterrupted. These are more traditional vacations, where people will expect me to ‘relax’–which they always interpret as doing things they find fun, but I do not. Ah, well. I’ll bring a notebook.

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