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Various Notes + New Fiction

Well, it’s Wednesday. We’re done posting Scribbler sample chapters. (Sorry!) But I’ve got something else. How about a sample chapter from ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS? I’ve gotten permission from Scholastic to post two of these, so we’ll do them this week and next week. You can find chapter one right here in html format.

In other news, we got the Ultrasound on the baby today, and discovered that it will be a boy. So, huzzah! In other exciting news, my friend Toby’s new book came out yesterday. If you didn’t read Crystal Rain, I recommend it. Great novel. I’m sure the follow-up is equally entertaining. I intend to get to it as soon as I can find a moment.

Well, those are all cool things. So, how about something that strikes me as freakishly Creepy to round the day out? Something about that just gives me the shivers. Don’t know why.

Oh, and I’ve decided that, on the blog, I should start running a little list of recent links of note in each post. These are things from previous days on the blog. I know you Livejournal folks can just scroll down, but my main blog works differently. So, from now on (when I remember) I’ll have the following section at the bottom of my posts. I’ll keep about four or five links there, and rotate old ones off as new ones arrive.

Recent Links of Note
This week’s pun
Interview with Brandon

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