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Various Notes, Annotation

You’ll notice that I have (or will very soon) updated the book percentages box. As of right now, that’s where things stand. Let me give you a few updates.

First off, looks like I’m finally getting over my sickness. Sorry for the sparse posts this week, but I did at least manage to get you both of your annotations! (See below for the new one.)

I don’t get sick often. But, it seems that about once a year, I get a particularly nasty head cold. Fist headaches and general fuzzy-headedness, then followed by a few weeks of coughing. The coughing is fine, honestly, but the head cold part–well, makes it tough to concentrate on things that take a lot of mental power. Like, say, writing. (I did get a fair bit done this week anyway.)

But, well, let’s do an Idea:

Idea of the day: Write a story about a doctor or healer in a fantasy world that combats a new disease, one that has several distinct stages that each have a different magical effect on the victims.

Someday I’m really going to write my ‘Disease magic’ book. I haven’t ever figured out how to make it work right, but it’ll click together eventually. This will be a book where you ‘catch’ magical powers from others. So, if you want to be able to fly, you go hang out with someone who has the flying disease for a while. People would do various things to lower their immune systems, which could have its own ramifications…. Anyway, I haven’t gotten that idea to a place where it won’t be silly, so perhaps you can do something with the more serious one stated above.

Mistborn Three is going quite well. I’ve passed the real trouble stage, the 75% mark where I seem to slow down in all of my books, and have trouble pushing forward to the climax. I figured out some important plot points today, and it looks like I’ll be able to write the ending over the next few weeks. Quite nice.

So, in celebration, here (finally) is that new annotation.

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