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Updates, Q&A, and Tweets January 6-10

In this week’s Writing Excuses episode, we talk about fulfilling promises to your readers, and we give specific examples from our own stories and others’.

The most recent WARBREAKER annotation covers Vivenna’s character arc hitting rock bottom. I also talk about how to give your Breath away one at a time. put out an open call for questions for me a while back, and today they put up the first batch of answers. Warning: contains spoilers for TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, THE WAY OF KINGS, MISTBORN, ELANTRIS, WARBREAKER, and ALCATRAZ. Don’t look at the post unless you’ve read those books. There are a lot more questions where those came from, and I’ll be answering them a few at a time.

I’m still toward the beginning of my Wheel of Time reread, and I’ll be at it for the next few months. I’m posting my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook as I go, and archiving them here on the site. A new page of tweets from the last few days is up.

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