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Updates + Sanderson’s Second Law in The Leading Edge

Fantasy Faction did a video interview of me while I was in Europe. The result is over 30 minutes long, and covers topics such as the Way of the Kings, the Alloy of Law, Mistborn as a series, my writing process, The Wheel of Time, and the fantasy genre. Check it out.

There have been a few recent Writing Excuses podcast episodes that I haven’t linked yet. First Dan, Howard, Mary, and I did a microcast covering seven different writing questions from listeners. Then we talked about query letters. And this week we talked about Cyberpunk.

The most recent WARBREAKER annotation covers a part of the climax that was one of the cinematic focus scenes I envisioned before I started to write the book.

There’s a new collection of Twitter posts up. And besides also having a Facebook page I now have a Google+ account, though there probably won’t be much content there until I can start importing my Twitter feed.

And congratulations to The Leading Edge (BYU’s science fiction/fantasy magazine) on publishing its 30th anniversary issue. Dan Wells and David Farland contributed stories to this issue, and they’ve also printed an essay of mine entitled “Sanderson’s Second Law.” It starts out like this:

A few years back, I wrote an essay on creating magic systems that I titled Sanderson’s First Law. It had to do with the nature of foreshadowing as it relates to solving problems with magic. In that essay, I implied that I had other “laws” for magic systems that I’d someday talk about. Well, that time has come, as I’ve finally distilled my thoughts for the second law into an explanation that will work.

If you want to read the rest, you’ll have to get a copy of the magazine. (At least until I post it on the website a few months from now. I also gave an address on the topic at JordanCon this year.)

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