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Updates + ALCATRAZ ebooks in French

At the World Science Fiction Convention in Reno a couple of weeks ago, we recorded a few Writing Excuses podcast episodes. The first one features Patrick Rothfuss, and we discussed suspension of disbelief. Check it out.

I’ve put up the third chapter of my unfinished novel MYTHWALKER from ten years ago.

The big announcement today is that the first ebooks of ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS are now available, in French. Currently you can buy the first three books, and I assume the fourth one will come out around the time it gets published in print form in France.

I do want to get the ebooks out in English too, but for now my French publisher is being more progressive. For one thing, the books are being put out DRM-free as I suggested to them. That means you should be able to buy the ePub version (from anywhere other than Kindle, which uses a different format) and load it on your Nook or Sony Reader with no problem. Now, I haven’t been able to verify that DRM is definitely not applied by all of the stores below, but some of the linked pages specifically mention there is no DRM. So I hope it’s the case across all of the vendors.

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