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Upcoming Books by Brandon (And Warbreaker deal news)

A little tidbit of news. We just finalized negotiations on a four-book contract, including two books in the Warbreaker series and two books starting a new series. First book of Warbreaker is scheduled for a May 2009 release. Huzzah!

So, for those of you who have asked, here is my upcoming book schedule:

July 2007, Mistborn 1 paperback
August 2007, Mistborn 2 hardback
October 2007, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians Hardback
May 2008 (tentative) Mistborn 3 hardback
Fall 2008 Alcatraz 2
May 2009 Warbreaker
Fall 2009 Alcatraz 3
January 2010 Warbreaker 2
August 2010 Liar of Partinel (Dragonsteel 1)
Fall 2010 Alcatraz 4
May 2011 Dragonsteel 2

I’ll add the paperback releases to this as they are scheduled. In general, the paperback of a previous book will be out a month or so before the next book in the series is out. (So, Mistborn 2 paperback would be one month before the Mistborn 3 hardback.)

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