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Two New Annotations and Other News

I didn’t get around do doing one of these last week, so I thought I’d post two for you this week. Both from Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, of course.

Mistborn Two: Chapter Thirty
Mistborn Two: Chapter Thirty-One

In other nifty news, the new Mistborn: The Final Empire paperback cover is up on Amazon. I’ve posted it here before, but I’ll do it again for you. Remember, this has a coupon in it for $5 off of Mistborn 3. So, you can buy a copy of Mistborn One, keep the coupon, and give away the paperback as a gift or have it as a loaner. If you do that, the book is essentially free. All it costs you is tax and a stamp to send off for your rebate in October. (Assuming, of course, you’re planing on grabbing a copy of Mistborn Three in hardcover. Heck, I’m not sure how the coupon works, but I THINK you could just order both books off of Amazon with a copy of Mistborn 2 as well, then get free shipping and Mistborn Three–after rebate–in hardcover for about $13. That’s an entire trilogy, with one hardcover, for about $26.)

Also, we posted a new podcast this week, and I forgot to blog it. I make special note here since I think it was one of our better podcasts. We talk about how to keep up the pacing in your stories. I hope that people are finding these podcasts useful; I get a lot of emails asking for writing advice, and those are the most difficult to find time to answer, since I usually have to do some long explanations in order to provide anything useful. These kind of questions are what made me want to do the podcast, where I could (hopefully) offer help to aspiring writers on a regular basis and cut down on the need for the writing questions. If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, it’s easy–there’s a player set into the browser when you visit, so you just have to push play and listen. (Note, sorry for the microphone quality on this week and next week’s podcasts. We go back to individual microphones the week after. There were issues.)

Finally, if you missed the big news about ELANTRIS pendants, click on the Aon image below! Hope you guys don’t mind me posting links and reminders of things like this. My philosophy on this blog is to always offer lots of free content (such as the annotations and the podcast) and I hope I don’t overshadow it by the marketing aspects (such as talking about the Mistborn paperback or the Aon pendants.) I’ve often talked about how odd it is, as an author, to look at yourself both as an artist and a businessperson. Part of me just wants to give EVERYTHING away for free, just so that more people will be able to experience my art. It always makes me feel crass to self-promote. And yet, the enthusiasm people have shown for things like the Aon pendants tells me there is a great interest in these kinds of issues. Just let me know if the businessperson side of me ever starts to get too annoying.

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