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Two Interesting Notes

First off, I just wanted to confirm to people that Sam Weller’s WILL ship internationally for copies of Mistborn: The Hero of Ages purchased at their release party. So if you live overseas and want a nice numbered, personalized hardcover of Mistborn Three, then go right ahead and order! Make sure you tell them which name you want in the book.

Secondly, I got this email from Emmett in Ohio, and thought I’d share:

You posted last week about reserving a copy of Hero of Ages so that the bookstores order enough books. Well you were right about that. I went to Joseph Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati Ohio today to reserve Hero of Ages and they only had 6 copies coming in. That is a small amount for such a large store and I wanted to give you a heads up.

Thanks for the heads up, Emmett! Six copies is actually a respectable number for a store to get. (Though I’ve sent an inquiry to my friends at Joseph Beth, asking if maybe they could order a few extra.) On average, most stores are getting around six. Though, since there are many who are getting twelve or eighteen, that means that there are a fair number getting one or two instead. It all depends on what the district and regional sales people think the store is capable of selling.

What all of that means is that your local store might run out. This is the problem we had with Mistborn Two–the regional people weren’t expecting the demand for that particular book to be high, and so the low-copy stores sold out very quickly. (The high-copy stores were generally able to get more in soon enough that they didn’t run out.) So if you’re planning to grab a copy of the book next Tuesday (Only one week away!) you might want to do as Emmett did and give your bookstore a call and reserve a copy. (Or even order one specifically for you, so that they have a higher count registered at the store for next year, when they order copies of Warbreaker.)

Also, don’t forget my Alcatraz Two signing! It’s on Tuesday (which is already ‘today’ for some of you.) I asked the B&N and they said they’d be happy to reserve copies and hold them for those of you who can’t get there until after the signing is over. Just give them a name and (I assume) payment, and they’ll have me personalize and number one for you. (Though, 1strainbowrose, I’m sorry to say that #13 is already gone! My apologies. They had copies up in Ogden late last week, and I sold up to #21 to people there. I didn’t realize anyone was wanting a specific number, or I might have grabbed it for you.)

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