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Tweets November 2014

Bart_Page Sat Nov 01
Looking forward to Legion: Skin Deep by @BrandSanderson on Tuesday, but surprised it is not available as a ebook? #fantasy #books

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 01
@Bart_Page It will be. Maybe not Tuesday, but very soon.

BrandSanderson Mon Nov 03
Holiday deadlines for ordering from the Brandon Sanderson Store. Also, Writing Excuses updates. link

damja28 Mon Nov 03
@BrandSanderson been trying to find answer online and can’t find it. Reading #steelheart now. Is conflux name inspired from the magic set?

BrandSanderson Mon Nov 03
@damja28 I was certainly aware of the set. Inspired might be a stretch. More a fondness for the word.

ThreadDancer37 Wed Nov 05
@BrandSanderson How’s you? Have you ever participated in the NANOWRIMO before going Colossal? Have a BLESSED day! 😉 (Y)

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 05
@ThreadDancer37 I did do NaNo! Three times before I sold.

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 05
Utah! Just stopped by Barnes and Noble in Sugarhouse and signed all these books and hid stickers inside! pic

BrianTMcClellan Wed Nov 05
@BrandSanderson Hmm, they stock a lot more of your books than they do mine. I wonder why…

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 05
@BrianTMcClellan Yours sell too quickly, obviously.

lamguin Wed Nov 05
@BrandSanderson What’s your protocol for this sort of thing? Do you talk to the manager? Do you just walk in and start writing on books?

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 05
@lamguin Depends on the store. Here I was spotted the moment I walked in.

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 05
Two new signings just added to the calendar: Idaho Falls Barnes & Noble on Nov. 29th & Orem Library on Dec. 6th. link

willfriedle Fri Nov 07
[email protected] I have to ask again. ANY chance of an animated series in the future? I’ll be Kaladin or Elend…or Guard #3! #justwannaplay

BrandSanderson Fri Nov 07
@willfriedle Some chance! You’d be an awesome Kelsier. Or at least guard #1. 🙂

BrandSanderson Fri Nov 07
@willfriedle Also, I am going to get major cred with my 7-year-old when he finds out Bumblebee tweeted me.

jkells Sat Nov 08
@PeterAhlstrom @BrandSanderson still waiting for the Mitosis novella on Kindle Australia. It’s been almost a year 🙁

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 08
@jkells @PeterAhlstrom Blast. Send me an email. We will just send you a copy.

jkells Sat Nov 08
@BrandSanderson @PeterAhlstrom thanks, you’re a legend. I sent you an email from the contact page on your site.

PeterAhlstrom Sun Nov 09
@jkells @BrandSanderson In Australia/UK it comes out November 20th. We don’t actually have an ebook copy in-house.

BrandSanderson Sun Nov 09
@PeterAhlstrom @jkells Just send the .doc. That is fine.

BrandSanderson Mon Nov 10
Here’s Rick Martin’s LEGO version of Words of Radiance, part 3 (includes spoilers): link

BrandSanderson Mon Nov 10
There are 128 photos in this Lego fan art gallery for Words of Radiance part 3. (spoilers!) link pic

thecrossteddy Mon Nov 10
@BrandSanderson I understand #mistborn #elantris & #stormilght are bigger and longer, but how are #emperorssoul and #legion not movies yet?

BrandSanderson Mon Nov 10
@thecrossteddy Trying my hardest. Both have been optioned.

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 15
Today only, The Rithmatist is $2.99 on US ebook stores. Links here: link pic

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 15
The Rithmatist is also $2.99 in Canada & €1.78 in Europe…check your local price with the tabs: link pic

PatrickNeer Sun Nov 16
@BrandSanderson I’m looking for a new fantasy series to start, and I was wondering if there were any you would recommend? #readinglist

BrandSanderson Sun Nov 16
@PatrickNeer I liked The Black Prism, His Majesty’s Dragon, and Promise of Blood as recent reads.

stewpeterson87 Sun Nov 16
@BrandSanderson I bought Hero of Ages first edition; if I mailed it to you would you sign it?

BrandSanderson Sun Nov 16
@stewpeterson87 Sure will! Email me through my website and ask Kara (my shipping person) how to send it.

BrandSanderson Mon Nov 17
Just threw away the prologue to Shadows of Self. Sigh. Need to try something else. (My third attempt.)

Lironah Tue Nov 18
@BrandSanderson I just wrote my 5th prologue, using Dragonmount as a template. It’s good because it sets the stakes – i.e. Rand going mad.

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 18
@Lironah Prologues are tough. There is a lot riding on them.

TheJovialViking Tue Nov 18
@BrandSanderson Might be time for a beard Unleash your full writing potential let the creativity pour from your face like a fountain of hair

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 18
@TheJovialViking Ha. It’s the month for it, too…

Tecseiryu Tue Nov 18
@BrandSanderson How do you know when it’s just right?

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 18
@Tecseiryu Instinct. The last one was just too slow, and at the same time too similar to the one in the first book.

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 18
New shirts! link pic

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 18
New posters! link pic

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 18
Legion: Skin Deep on Audible (comes out next week) is free. link pic

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 19
Words of Radiance is in the final round of voting for the Goodreads Choice Awards in fantasy. link

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 19
I have a pep talk for everyone struggling with writing, whether you’re doing NaNoWriMo or not. link

BrandSanderson Thu Nov 20
Rejoice! Mitosis was released today in the UK/Australia/NZ/IE in ebook/audio/hardcover. link pic

BrandSanderson Thu Nov 20
Signed books w/goodies inside at the Salt Lake Airport Weller Book Works! (Just past Terminal 1 security.) See photo. pic

BrandSanderson Thu Nov 20
If you’re at Salt Lake airport, a better selection is at Simply Books by Gate C6. See photo. Say hi to Tony for me! pic

MrVicBam Thu Nov 20
@BrandSanderson need a new book tho any suggestions

BrandSanderson Thu Nov 20
@MrVicBam Have you tried Promise of Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan (sp?) It was great.

Ashaman3000 Thu Nov 20
@BrandSanderson so what’s the deal with Rand’s pipe? Too lazy to Wiki…

BrandSanderson Thu Nov 20
@Ashaman3000 RJ wrote that scene and didn’t leave notes explaining it. So I actually don’t Know.

TheMurryMonster Thu Nov 20
@BrandSanderson Im curious. Will The Rithmatist ever get a second book?

BrandSanderson Thu Nov 20
@TheMurryMonster It will. But it will be a year or two.

BrandSanderson Fri Nov 21
UK/Aus folk, missed it yesterday? Mitosis is now out for you in ebook/audio/hardcover. link

authorsahunt Fri Nov 21
@BrandSanderson Someone told me yesterday that I write like you. Achievement unlocked, I guess?

BrandSanderson Fri Nov 21
@authorsahunt Depends on if the person who said that likes my books or not, I suppose. 🙂

BrandSanderson Fri Nov 21
My assistant @PeterAhlstrom & his assistant checked the proof for the First Ideal poster. link pic

BrandSanderson Fri Nov 21
My assistant @IzykStewart blogged about the cover design for my novella Sixth of the Dusk. link pic

BrandSanderson Fri Nov 21
Liked my novella Legion? The sequel is twice as long and you can preorder the ebook now. link pic

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 22
Missed it yesterday? Legion: Skin Deep‘s ebook is now up for preorder. link pic

BrandSanderson Mon Nov 24
Legion: Skin Deep is out in ebook & audio today in the US and Canada. Hardcover also shipping. link pic

kperry Tue Nov 25
I was so impressed by my authors on the Fantasy panel.Thx for the great discussion. @BrandSanderson @catwinters @colleengleason #alan14 #fb

catwinters Tue Nov 25
@kperry @BrandSanderson @colleengleason Thank you for organizing us, Karin!

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 25
@catwinters @kperry @colleengleason It really was a fantastic panel. I had a great time!

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 25
Introducing Legion: Skin Deep. Available now. link pic

tommartell Wed Nov 26
Just bought the few random @BrandSanderson books / novellas I haven’t read for my flight to Strasbourg. Might have reread Way of Kings

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 26
@tommartell 🙂 Watch the names closely in Legion 2 if you read that one.

BrandSanderson Wed Nov 26
@tommartell Also, digging the @alliebrosh avatar. I’m jealous.

BrandSanderson Fri Nov 28
Happy Black Friday! Reminder of new stuff I have available, plus I’m signing in Idaho Falls tomorrow. link

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 29
Idaho Falls! I’m signing books in less than 2 hours. link

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 29
I have a bunch of ebooks ranging from free to $4.99, including The Alloy of Law today only. link pic

cmurph_mv Sat Nov 29
@BrandSanderson just learned you are doing an event at my Bookstore! Nearly had a heart attack of excitement!

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 29
@cmurph_mv 🙂

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 29
Idaho Falls! I’m signing books in half an hour. link

RyanWatters2 Sat Nov 29
@BrandSanderson Oh MAN! Turkey hangover and leaving my phone off for a nap, I miss Brandon Sanderson signing books 5 minutes from my house.

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 29
@RyanWatters2 I left many signed books. 🙂

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 29
Off to my signing in Idaho Falls! Also, Shadows of Self (the new Mistborn novel) is officially done! Pub date next fall.

NovelWanderer Sat Nov 29
@BrandSanderson Binging on Season 1 of Writing Excuses podcasts while racing thru the end of my #NaNoWriMo novel – great stuff! Thank You.

BrandSanderson Sat Nov 29
@NovelWanderer oh man. Season one is kinda bad… 🙂

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