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Tweets May 2018

BrandSanderson Fri May 04
Over 20 official Brandon Sanderson T-shirts are now available on Amazon. We’ll be adding more from time to time, so… link

BrandSanderson Sat May 05
Brandon’s assistant Adam here. I will be at the Saturday session of the 2018 Storymakers conference in Provo and I… link

BrandSanderson Tue May 08
Sins of Empire, book one of Gods of Blood and Powder, by @BrianTMcClellan is currently on sale in the US for just $… link

BrandSanderson Wed May 09
My charitable foundation is looking for 10 volunteers in the SLC area to help with a little project this Saturday.… link

BrandSanderson Thu May 10
Without further ado here is the amazing cover of Skyward (by @charliebowater and @reginaflath). You can also see th… link

BrandSanderson Sat May 12
Thank you to all the volunteers who came to help us at @TheRoadHomeUT today! If you have interest in volunteering a… link

BrandSanderson Tue May 15
Gods of Blood and Powder book 2, Wrath of Empire, from my former student @BrianTMcClellan is out today! He will be… link

BrandSanderson Wed May 16
The copyedit review for Legion: Lies of the Beholder is done! You can preorder your signed limited edition copy fro… link

GabySpartz Wed May 16
Words fail me when trying to sum up this stream. Thank you @BrandSanderson, @direwolfdigital & GrootGroot for the i… link

BrandSanderson Thu May 17
@GabySpartz @direwolfdigital @lsv @wrapter @thepchapin @MatthewNass @abaeckst It was my pleasure! Thank you for or… link

HeatherReinblat Sat May 19
Incredibly depressed that the only reason I bought tickets to @thebookcon was to get an autograph from… link

BrandSanderson Sat May 19
@HeatherReinblat Huh. That’s annoying. Drop me an email through my website, mention this exchange, and I will try… link

BookBuddyLin Sat May 19
@BrandSanderson I managed to get an autographing ticket for you at #bookcon! So excited to finally meet you!!!!!

BrandSanderson Sat May 19
@BookBuddyLin Cool! See you there!

ericpeters Sat May 19
@BrandSanderson @PeterAhlstrom big day for me, I just added a 1st/1st signed The Great Hunt I now have a complete s… link

PeterAhlstrom Sat May 19
@ericpeters @BrandSanderson Wow!

BrandSanderson Sat May 19
@PeterAhlstrom @ericpeters That is incredible.

MrOrpin Sun May 20
Excuse me mr @BrandSanderson, I’m just reading Words of Radiance & something struck me. Is Bridge Four’s salute any… link

BrandSanderson Sun May 20
@MrOrpin Very close. It isn’t done across the chest though, but with the hands held out.

BrandSanderson Mon May 21
“Blood Bath” by 0oSquallo0 (Rafael Arnaud). #MistbornMonday
link pic

JemmaMYoung Tue May 22
“Unite Them!” A preview of a piece I’m working on of Dalinar Kholin from the #stormlightArchive by @BrandSanderson… link

BrandSanderson Tue May 22
@JemmaMYoung That’s a great scene to choose. I’m eager to see how it turns out.

jeff_swarts Tue May 22
@BrandSanderson WOR, why can no one hear/see Sylphrena but they can see Pattern?

BrandSanderson Tue May 22
@jeff_swarts Different spren have different properties. They talk about this in the series at some point, I believe.

WordsOfBA Wed May 23
@BrandSanderson PLEASEE tell me you’re already in talks to turn the Stormlight Archive into a big screen fantasy extravaganza??!!

BrandSanderson Thu May 24
@WordsOfBA These days, I’m pretty sure small screen is more likely, considering the size of the books. But we’re trying.

TyGannWildMan Wed May 23
@BrandSanderson dude. I gotta hand it to you. You’re one of the best fantasy authors I’ve ever read. I’ve finished… link

BrandSanderson Thu May 24
@Copenhagann Thanks! And I’m quite a fan of Audible myself, and Michael/Kate (the readers of Stormlight) are incre… link

h1brd Wed May 23
Finally finished “The Way of Kings” by @BrandSanderson – absolutely EPIC! On to the next one in the series 👌🏻 link

BrandSanderson Thu May 24
@h1brd Enjoy!

dblasphemy Wed May 23
Jason is 12 today! So proud of his kindness, intelligence, appetite for knowledge and quirky wit. The only th… link

BrandSanderson Thu May 24
@dblasphemy Well give him an official (if belated) “Happy Birthday” from me! I find his taste in shirts to be quite good.

thegeekysandwic Wed May 23
Alright @BrandSanderson, I’ve finished everything in the Cosmere. Feel free to write more books to fill this empty void in my soul.

BrandSanderson Thu May 24
@thegeekysandwic Doing my best… 🙂

PsykkoMike Wed May 23
I’m less than 100 pages away from finishing the #Mistborn trilogy and it’s killing me. This is quite possibly the b… link

BrandSanderson Thu May 24
@PsykkoMike My pleasure! Thanks for reading, and enjoy that ending.

BookBuddyLin Wed May 23
@BrandSanderson I know there’s a slim chance of you replying, but is there a limit to the amount of books you’ll sign at bookcon?

BrandSanderson Thu May 24
@BookBuddyLin Usually, there IS a book limit. I don’t know for sure here, but generally the limit between one and… link

GraeArea_ Thu May 24
@BrandSanderson sadly I am currently suffering with toothache. However as the waves of pain fluctuate through my ja… link

BrandSanderson Thu May 24
@GraeArea_ Similar, yes, but scenes like that are always part my experience, part my extrapolation of what the char… link

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
This weekend I’m in Missoula, MT for MisCon 32. My first panel, Sanderson’s Three Laws of Magic, is today at 6:00.… link

Victoria_Gluch Fri May 25
@BrandSanderson ‘s Way of Kings is a masterpiece and pretty much singlehandedly resurrected my own writing dreams..… link

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
@Victoria_Gluch Thanks!

CaptValerio Fri May 25
@BrandSanderson When will the mass market paperback comes out in Europe? THX

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
@CaptValerio I’m not 100% sure. If you’re asking about the English edition, I believe they do them around one year… link

sevastra82 Fri May 25
Went to Simply World Books in ATL airport to snag a @BrandSanderson signed book, and apparently I was too late…al… link

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
@sevastra82 🙁

MageReluctant Fri May 25
@BrandSanderson Starting volume three of the stormlight archive I was worried I had forgotten what had happened in… link

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
@MageReluctant Enjoy!

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
Be sure to check out Brandon’s schedules for MisCon 32 in Missoula, MT this weekend and @thebookcon 2018 in NYC nex… link

JackTheYounger Fri May 25
@BrandSanderson just a quick question that has been burning a whole in my brain for the last week. Can hemalurgy st… link

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
@JackTheYounger This is a very dangerous and frightening thing in the cosmere, but it is possible–and the implicat… link

Arizonias1 Fri May 25
@BrandSanderson Just finished The Way of Kings… WOW. Just, wow. This is easily my new favorite book. Time to head… link

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
@Arizonias1 Thanks! Hope you enjoy the second as well!

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
I’m in Missoula for the convention, but on my flight out yesterday, I made sure the Simply Books at the Salt Lake a… link

Grink Fri May 25
@BrandSanderson That’s awesome. How many times has someone yelled at you for writing in the books?

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
@Grink Nobody has yelled at me, but a few times, I’ve been stopped by confused store clerks. I usually just show t… link

TLDiggles Fri May 25
Feel free to fly to QLD Australia anytime to restock our shelves… please. there’s a drought of @BrandSanderson s… link

BrandSanderson Fri May 25
@TLDiggles Ha. That’s a LITTLE more difficult for me to do than SLC is…

BrandSanderson Sun May 27
I had a great time at church in Missoula today. Thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome!

mandaratterree Mon May 28
@BrandSanderson I’m from Missoula and love your books!! (Way of Kings is my favorite) Wish I could have been home to meet you!

BrandSanderson Mon May 28
@mandaratterree Just means I have to come back another time, I suppose. 🙂

RussellSHammond Mon May 28
@BrandSanderson Reading Mistborn trilogy for the first time, and you’ve just killed Kell. You utter utter bastard.… link

BrandSanderson Mon May 28
@RussellSHammond Sorry. And thanks. 🙂

UnknownAsFuck Mon May 28
I am currently reading “Words of Radiance” from @BrandSanderson and I’ll describe the first and the second book with one word “Masterpiece”.

UnknownAsFuck Mon May 28
And one question @BrandSanderson .
Can this T-shirt be delivered to Spain?

BrandSanderson Mon May 28
@UnknownAsFuck I think so, but shipping might be killer.

JonoDano Mon May 28
Finished @BrandSanderson’s #Oathbringer over the weekend too! What a series Stormlight is!

Vorin tradition bans vi… link

BrandSanderson Mon May 28
@JonoDano 🙂

BrandSanderson Mon May 28
I had a great time at MisCon. Thanks to everybody who made me feel so welcome, and to Muse Comics for providing som… link

BrandSanderson Mon May 28
Salt Lake city airport bookstore (Gate C7) is again stocked with signed books! Including Oathbringer hardcovers up… link

BrandSanderson Tue May 29
I wrote a little post concerning harassment at @fanxsaltlake, I hope you will give it a read as this is an issue of… link

vecna Wed May 30
Be the change you want to see in the world, right? And I want to see some @BrandSanderson @Lego_Group in this worl… link

BrandSanderson Wed May 30
@vecna @LEGO_Group I’d be on board for sure!

Stormborn125 Wed May 30
@BrandSanderson hello brandon i’ve been reading the stormlight archives (if the name didn’t give it away) and i am… link

BrandSanderson Wed May 30
@Stormborn125 These questions stray into RAFO type territory, which I try not to delve too deeply into on twitter.… link

Deanishes Wed May 30
Finished Era 2 of Mistborn again, I really can’t get enough of Wayne and Wax. Will this ‘secret project’ effect the… link

BrandSanderson Wed May 30
@Deanishes It shouldn’t, but it depends on how long it takes. (I’m almost done with it, though.)

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