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Tweets May 2015

krunk4ever Sat May 02
@BrandSanderson Own pretty much every book of yours on my Kindle. Just curious why your Alcatraz series is not available on the Kindle.

BrandSanderson Sat May 02
@krunk4ever We are rereleasing them in January, and are waiting till then for ebook editions.

USFbull2281 Sun May 03
flying through Atlanta and Nashville today.. hoping to come across a stealth signed book!! @BrandSanderson

BrandSanderson Sun May 03
@USFbull2281 It has been a while since I hit Atlanta. If any are left, they will be at the NY Times store by the E gates.

BrandSanderson Mon May 04
Up early today, as my schedule is off following my return from the UAE. Been working on Calamity a couple hours already. Nearing the end.

movinmeat Mon May 04
@BrandSanderson so how does it end? #SpoilerAlert

BrandSanderson Mon May 04
@movinmeat Well. 🙂

TylerWalpole Mon May 04
@BrandSanderson I’m late to the party, and hungry for Stormlight Archive Book 3. Have you announced an approximate release date?

BrandSanderson Mon May 04
@TylerWalpole Fall 2016

BrandSanderson Tue Apr 28
Finally reading Lives of Tao by @wes_chu. It’s been great so far.

705_330 Fri May 08
@BrandSanderson @wes_chu if I didn’t see this I might not have found this book, excellent read! Will read deaths soon.

wes_chu Fri May 08
@705_330 Thank ya! Next time I see @BrandSanderson, gonna buy him a Dr. Pepper.

BrandSanderson Fri May 08
@wes_chu @705_330 I haven’t gotten as far as I want, as a book deadline came at me, but I’m like halfway through and really liking it.

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
Calamity at 90% or so. Just wrote a scene with an epic who can shrink; hope I thought of a few things that the Ant-Man film doesn’t. 🙂

david_balmes Tue May 05
@BrandSanderson Any timetable for The Alloy of Law sequel?

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@david_balmes I think it comes out in October.

smmonaghan Tue May 05
@BrandSanderson Stormlight book 3 next in line? =D

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@smmonaghan Yup.

robsainz Tue May 05
@BrandSanderson have you any updates on Stormlight 3? :c

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@robsainz Fall 2016

n0robin Tue May 05
I wonder though… will we ever see any Graphic Novels written by @BrandSanderson? ‘-‘

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@n0robin Working on one right now, actually. We are adapting White Sand, one of my early novels.

ShaneHudson Tue May 05
I finished The Wheel of Time today. Thank you so much @BrandSanderson for writing the ending, it was perfect.

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@ShaneHudson It was an honor.

JeffChenWrites Tue May 05
Shaking fist at @BrandSanderson for Firefight keeping me up late. More compelling than a monkey juggling water balloons. #DavidsMetaphors

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@JeffChenWrites That’s a pretty good one, I must say!

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
New Writing Excuses + Updates

mizzelle Tue May 05
@BrandSanderson Getting “database error” when accessing your site/blog?

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@mizzelle Thanks for the heads up. We’re looking into it.

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
Saw Ultron. Can I just say: Marvel, where’s our Hawkeye movie? He stole so many scenes! Props to @josswhedon for excellent characterization.

tim4rmky Tue May 05
@BrandSanderson or… A Black Widow movie?

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@tim4rmky Agreed. At least she gets some significant screen time in other MU properties.

tim4rmky Tue May 05
@BrandSanderson I agree with your agreement. Also I need more stormlight books since we are talking.

BrandSanderson Tue May 05
@tim4rmky Book three is my next project.

BrandSanderson Wed May 06
Working late tonight, at least considering my recent schedule. Might finish Calamity before I go to bed. At 98k words right now.

rockjames Wed May 06
@BrandSanderson Is Calamity the last one or will there be more in the series?

BrandSanderson Wed May 06
@rockjames It is the end.

BrandSanderson Wed May 06
Working on the last chapter of Calamity while outside on my porch, at 2:30am, listening to the rain fall. Not a bad office location.

AkelaBagheera Wed May 06
@BrandSanderson I’m doing my security rounds on the roof of UVRMC in Provo listening to Firefight as you write Calamity. Small world.

BrandSanderson Wed May 06
@AkelaBagheera I did a night job for many years myself. Great for writing books.

BrandSanderson Wed May 06
And…the end! The rough draft of Calamity, last book in the Reckoners series, is finished. Many revisions await, but for now, rest. 🙂

theGreywatch Wed May 06
@BrandSanderson Any plans to return to the world of Perfect State? I have so many questions and for once, no certainty about answers!

BrandSanderson Thu May 07
@theGreywatch Someday perhaps.

jarekat Wed May 06
@BrandSanderson what word program do you use to write your books ??

BrandSanderson Thu May 07
@jarekat Microsoft Word.

fullm3t4l_raven Thu May 07
Another @BrandSanderson book finished! Firefight = win! I’ve been gobbling up your books since I discovered em, 4 months ago!

BrandSanderson Thu May 07
@fullm3t4l_raven Thanks! Love the table flip in your name.

olivia_ahl Thu May 07
Made a deal to swap favorite reads with a friend; he reads @scalzi’s Redshirts, I read @BrandSanderson’s Mistborn. #everyonewins

BrandSanderson Thu May 07
@olivia_ahl I loved Redshirts. Even if Jon is my evil Nemesis.

Cahmstr Fri May 08
@BrandSanderson Hey! I remember you talking about releasing a tenth anniversary edition of Elantris sometime in May? Any updates on that?

BrandSanderson Fri May 08
@Cahmstr It is coming! I think Tor is releasing it in the fall.

BrandSanderson Fri May 08
Working on a second draft of Calamity today. And I do need to get back to grading final stories from my class at some point…

OwenTheOmega Fri May 08
@BrandSanderson Is it possible to write a story and not introduce the protagonist until after the first or even first few chapters?

BrandSanderson Fri May 08
@OwenTheOmega Yes. Make sure you introduce the book’s tone (action pact, mysterious, etc) early.

Art_Zealot Fri May 08
@BrandSanderson Finished Firefight the other day! Epic, as always. Have you seen the real-life Spyril? 😀 link

BrandSanderson Fri May 08
@Art_Zealot That is where I got the idea. 🙂

_markholmes Fri May 08
@BrandSanderson and fans, I’ve read the original Mistborn trilogy and the first two Stormlight Archive books. What do you recommend next?

BrandSanderson Fri May 08
@_markholmes Steelheart if you want action, Emperor’s Soul if you want philosophy, Warbreaker for humor/romance.

MatthewENordin Sat May 09
@BrandSanderson is your nose twitching? We are at a panel at #constellation6 in homage of you by @sabrinasumsion @ConStellationNE

BrandSanderson Sat May 09
@MatthewENordin @sabrinasumsion @ConStellationNE 🙂 I need to come back there some day.

Corbsman Sun May 10
Just bought The Way of Kings by @BrandSanderson and the back cover seems to be a little messed up 🙁 #Amazon pic

BrandSanderson Sun May 10
@Corbsman Sorry to see that. 🙁 Looks like a printing error. Amazon should replace it.

BrandSanderson Mon May 11
Curious to read my work but don’t know where to start? Tor dot com has posted some basics for you: link

SundheimCole Tue May 12
@BrandSanderson Feel cheated. Saw The Way of Kings in store and bought it, not realising it was Part Two? What’s up with this. $25 for half?

BrandSanderson Wed May 13
@SundheimCole That is the UK edition. They cut it in two. Who is selling it for that much? Should be much cheaper. link

chieflybombast Wed May 13
@BrandSanderson I’m reading Steelheart for the first time and Cody’s use of y’all as singular is driving me nuts. Does he ever stop that?

BrandSanderson Wed May 13
@chieflybombast It is actually proper usage in parts of the south! (Though some Southerners hate it.)

sweetstorela Thu May 14
@BrandSanderson we think your books & characters would look amazing as a line of chocolate bars @sweetstorela. Thoughts?! We’d love to hear!

BrandSanderson Thu May 14
@sweetstorela “Sweet” idea! Get in touch with my agent @jabbermaster of the JABberwocky Literary Agency to talk licensing possibilities.

BrandSanderson Thu May 14
Words of Radiance is on the long list for the David Gemmell Legend Award (among many others). Voting ends tomorrow. link

BrandSanderson Fri May 15
Die-cut styrene cards! I want to get a bunch printed. Anyone know of or work for a place that does these? Example: link

BrandSanderson Sat May 16
At the Whitney Awards (for LDS writers) @jamesDashner is at my table. Taking votes on what food items to throw at him pic

scribblous Sat May 16
@BrandSanderson @jamesdashner definitely ice cubes. You can get a good throw and after it melts no one can prove you threw anything…

BrandSanderson Sat May 16
@scribblous @jamesdashner Smart. I like that one.

whitneyawards Sat May 16
The Winner of the #Whitney Awards Speculative category is . . . @BrandSanderson for Words of Radiance!

robisonwells Sat May 16
@whitneyawards @BrandSanderson
Big congrats to Brandon! He owns that category, and deserves to. #WhitneyAwards

BrandSanderson Sat May 16
@robisonwells @whitneyawards Many thanks Rob. Nothing will beat when your brother and I tied, though.

BrandSanderson Sat May 16
We were hard on our server (who happened to be someone I know) at the award banquet, so I left her a really nice tip. pic

Rogue__Leader Sun May 17
@BrandSanderson I’m at the Minneapolis airport, any chance you left a signed copy here? 😎

Rogue__Leader Sun May 17
@Rogue__Leader @BrandSanderson sorry, I meant Phoenix. I’ve already checked MSP from your tweet.

BrandSanderson Sun May 17
@Rogue__Leader None at Phoenix, as you likely found. MSP often has some.

@BrandSanderson @SandersonArmy Just finished reading SteelHeart 👌Starting Firefight today 😆

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
@TH3UKRIDDL3R @SandersonArmy And I’m working on Calamity‘s second draft tonight, so huzzah!

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
Computer people, thanks for access to the world & the sum of human knowledge. But could you work on batteries? Cords are mildly inconvenient

Stone_Veins Mon May 18
@BrandSanderson Hey Mr. Sanderson, Did your visit to the UAE give you any kind of inspiration?

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
@Stone_Veins Plenty. It’s a cool place. No specific story right now, but we’ll see what comes of the trip eventually.

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
For those wondering, I’m working on the second draft of Calamity so I can send it in and have it completely off my plate for a while.

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
All right, Calamity 2.0 draft turned in. Shouldn’t have to worry about that one again until editorial revisions in the fall.

brooik Mon May 18
@BrandSanderson my vote for your next project … Stormlight Archive!!! just reread them!

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
@brooik I’ll be working on the next one very soon.

K_R_Green Mon May 18
@BrandSanderson Yay! Will you take a rest now, or jump into your other projects? [I don’t know how you do it!]

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
@K_R_Green No time for resting right now. Maybe once Stormlight 3 is done.

rangerdeta Mon May 18
@brandsanderson which book you’ll do next?

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
@rangerdeta Revisions on the new Mistborn book, followed by Stormlight 3. Blog post later this week will explain more.

joelcobbs Tue May 19
@BrandSanderson (In general) Do you perform an author edit before you send in your drafts?

BrandSanderson Tue May 19
@joelcobbs Yes.

BrandSanderson Mon May 18
Our 5 year old just took the big bag of shredded cheese in our fridge and spread it around outside to attract mice for our cat to eat.

DAHoweLibrary Tue May 19
We just got our copies of @BrandSanderson ‘s Reckoners series! And #steelheart is our teen summer bookclub selection! pic

BrandSanderson Tue May 19
@DAHoweLibrary Sweet!

James_diment Tue May 19
@BrandSanderson I have read all your books (to my knowledge)…now I need Stormlight Archive book 3…#please cant stand the wait!

BrandSanderson Tue May 19
@James_diment Next year sometime. Percentage bar on my website should start updating soon.

James_diment Tue May 19
@BrandSanderson can you recommend anything in the meantime, just worked my way through The Wheel of Time! I think I am addicted

BrandSanderson Tue May 19
@James_diment Promise of Blood by @BrianTMcClellan, The Black Prism by @BrentWeeks, Uprooted by @naominovik.

levicgentry Tue May 19
@BrandSanderson never mind…I’ll stop talking now.

BrandSanderson Tue May 19
@levicgentry Next fall. (2016) And never feel bad to shoot me a question. I am happy to answer, if I see.

BrandSanderson Thu May 21
Kansas City! I will be there this weekend for @ConQuesTKC. Here’s my full schedule, including a Magic game: link

BrandSanderson Thu May 21
Salt Lake Airport is restocked with signed books! (Goodies inside too.) Gate C6 Simply books. They still have some Firefight Hardcovers.

jasealders Thu May 21
“I’m sorry but I didn’t like the ending.” @brandsanderson #thefinalempire #bloodydog link

BrandSanderson Thu May 21
@jasealders Good thing he didn’t get to book three…

ShannonL1895 Mon May 25
@BrandSanderson How hard was it to end The Hero of Ages the way you did? HoA was one the first books to actually make me cry while reading.

BrandSanderson Mon May 25
@ShannonL1895 Rough, but peaceful. It was right.

LGNerds Mon May 25
@BrandSanderson just finished Mistborn over the weekend… it is amazing… thanks for writing it… that is all

BrandSanderson Mon May 25
@LGNerds My pleasure. Thanks for reading.

MPomaro Mon May 25
@BrandSanderson I was at Conquest on Saturday, but didn’t have time to try to meet you. Wanted to say I love your work.

BrandSanderson Mon May 25
@MPomaro Thanks!

SgtCowbell Mon May 25
@BrandSanderson who would you recommend as my next LDS author to start reading besides Mull,Dashner and Wells I’ve read them all

BrandSanderson Mon May 25
@SgtCowbell What do you like? YA? Middle Grade? Epic Fantasy?

BrandSanderson Mon May 25
This is to confirm to the person on Twitch that I’m currently talking to that I am actually me. 🙂 (The rest of you can ignore this.)

TVC_yo Mon May 25
@BrandSanderson what channel?

BrandSanderson Tue May 26
@TVC_yo Sorry. I didn’t see this. It was a MTG stream by someone named Elantris.

mazopanku Mon May 25
@BrandSanderson I’m now just going to imagine that you run a secret Twitch channel wherein you give secret writing advice and gaming tips

BrandSanderson Tue May 26
@mazopanku Ha. I tried live-streaming a writing session once or twice, but Twitch doesn’t allow non-gaming content.

Deef0000dragon1 Mon May 25
@BrandSanderson i hope you do realize that you are now required to share your screen name. if only for people to follow you.

BrandSanderson Tue May 26
@Deef0000dragon1 Mistbornbrandon, but I don’t stream there. I just use it to say hi to people.

HayesOfThunder Wed May 27
You going to be at #DragonCon2015? @BrandSanderson

BrandSanderson Wed May 27
@HayesOfThunder I believe I will be there.

poupouvengeur Wed May 27
@BrandSanderson Will you please please pleaaase finish the last Alcatraz novel already ? I’m dying here… pic

BrandSanderson Wed May 27
@poupouvengeur It is done and coming out next summer.

BrandSanderson Fri May 29
Subterranean Press will release a two-book slipcased illustrated edition of Perfect State and Shadows for Silence. link

BrandSanderson Fri May 29
New blog post on finishing Calamity, starting Shadows of Self revisions, and what I’m writing next. link

BrandSanderson Fri May 29
Calamity Is Done!

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