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Tweets March 2018

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
My first panel, “Writing Magical Stories That Make Sense,” at @emeraldcitycon is today at 4:00 and will be followed… link

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
Pick up this year’s con exclusive and leatherbound editions of Elantris-fresh from the printer-at my table (KK3) in… link

PaasDonovan Thu Mar 01
@BrandSanderson @emeraldcitycon Will you still be around at the con on Sunday? I’m travelling down from a interior… link

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
@PaasDonovan @emeraldcitycon I don’t think they put me on anything Sunday. Pretty sure I fly out that day. (Sorry… link

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
For those at Emerald City Comic Con, I WILL be doing a Magic: the Gathering draft. It will be casual/fun, so don’t… link

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
Not right now, I’m afraid. 🙁

OldManShween Thu Mar 01
@BrandSanderson Is everything ok?

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
@OldManShween Yeah. For some reason if I click on a reply on twitter, then just start typing, it once in a while j… link

lf_oake Thu Mar 01
@BrandSanderson We’re missing some information here, Brandon 🤣

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
@lf_oake Sorry. Once in a while, twitter just sends my replies as tweets? I haven’t figured out yet what I’m doing that makes it go wrong.

victortanedo Thu Mar 01
@BrandSanderson For all the times that your books have helped not only me but other fans through rough times, belie… link

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
@victortanedo Nothing to worry about. Just an @ that went astray.

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 01
Don’t panic about that last tweet, folks. Just an @ that I screwed up. Twitter, maybe make it so that if someone c… link

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 02
Friday’s schedule for @emeraldcitycon
2:45 – Brandon Sanderson Talks ‘Stormlight Archive’ Novels
4:00 – Brandon San… link

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 02
There are a couple spots left in my Magic draft tonight at Emerald City Comic Con. Sign up at my table (KK3) in artist’s alley.

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 02
For those of you not at ECCC, you can watch my interview in 20 min with @syfy by going to link a… link

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 02
If you are at ECCC, there is a great artist doing Cosmere fanart (Jemma M. Young) at table BB9 in artists Alley.

BrandSanderson Sat Mar 03
We added another signing from 5:00–7:00 tonight in the Writer’s Block area. See my upcoming events page for full de… link

BrandSanderson Sun Mar 04
Had a great time at church today in Seattle. Thanks to all who made me feel so welcome!

Neorotoxin Sun Mar 04
Just for laughs, @StephenKing @BrandSanderson which of the two of you do you think writes faster? Both of you manag… link

BrandSanderson Sun Mar 04
@Neorotoxin @StephenKing I would guess it depends on the project, the year, and the circumstances.

BrandSanderson Sun Mar 04
The Hudson in Sea-Tac Airport by Gate B1 has signed Sanderson books. @PatrickRothfuss appears to have stopped by al… link

BrandSanderson Mon Mar 05
We just added a new signing to my schedule for 2:00 pm this Saturday at @DragonsKeepOrem. So if you want to get you… link

BrandSanderson Wed Mar 07
The 10th anniversary leatherbound edition of Elantris is back in stock on our website. Huzzah!

BrandSanderson Wed Mar 07
You can now order prints of Dan Dos Santos’ gorgeous “Lightweaver” from #Oathbringer.
link pic

BrandSanderson Thu Mar 08
I just found out that the Oathbringer hardcover is 30% off at Barnes & Noble until March 12th.

lucasoftunes Fri Mar 09
@BrandSanderson Have you thought about writing an actual Way of Kings, by Nohadon. I personally would love to read that.

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 09
@lucasoftunes I have considered it, but only briefly. It feels like a ton of work.

jpbushidoaudio Fri Mar 09
@BrandSanderson I said the words 🙂 pic

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 09
@jpbushidoaudio Bridge Four!

theclickster Fri Mar 09
@BrandSanderson I was told today that my pre-order of White Sands 2 is still unavailable due to the publisher postp… link

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 09
@theclickster Huh? That’s strange. The book is out as of last week–I’ve seen it in stores, and have signed copie… link

harbour112 Fri Mar 09
@BrandSanderson In what type of glassware did Wayne serve the Blue Sunset to Milan? Asking for reasons.

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 09
@harbour112 I imagined like a tall cordial glass, without much of a base on it.

BrandSanderson Fri Mar 09
I have a signing at Dragons Keep in Orem tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make… link

BrandSanderson Sat Mar 10
Signing today! I will be at the Orem Dragons Keep this afternoon at 2:00 to sign copies of White Sand Vol. 2. Call… link

BrandSanderson Mon Mar 12
Fantasy author @tadwilliams and his partner @MrsTad are running an Indiegogo for merch based on his books. I suppor… link

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