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Tweets June 2017

BrandSanderson Thu Jun 01
#FAQFriday poll results. If you want to see the full questions you can visit Brandon’s website using the link below… link

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 02
#FAQFriday #CosmereQueries pic

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05
#MistbornMonday speed painting by @mikebonales. You can watch it here: link pic

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05
I sent a few items to @Worldbuilders_ for their Geeks Doing Good Fundraiser You can check it out with the link below

ThyagoSCosta Mon Jun 05
I have finished Mistborn #01 recently. Thanks @BrandSanderson , you have made me cry during the reading and bring me back to fantasy books.

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05
@ThyagoSCosta It is an honor.

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05
Salt Lake Airport Simply Books is restocked with signed Sanderson books! Gate C7. (And say hi to Tony at the register for me.)

Saz_Rahhhh Mon Jun 05
@BrandSanderson I can’t wait to meet you in Perth, have a good flight!!

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05
@Saz_Rahhhh Thanks! See you there!

JCFord1001001 Mon Jun 05
@BrandSanderson You need to fly to Phoenix some time!

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05
@JCFord1001001 I make it every few years. Hope to get back before too long.

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 09
Here is your #FaqFriday answer. If you want to see text of this, you can visit Brandon’s FAQ at:… link

InkedAjax Sat Jun 10
@BrandSanderson Are we going to see any other Mistborn-esque series in the future?

BrandSanderson Sun Jun 11
@InkedAjax Likely, yes. Depends on how well I can keep ahead on Stormlight.

BrandSanderson Sun Jun 11
I think LDS church today in Fiji is the most welcome I’ve ever felt visiting a congregation anywhere in the world. 🙂

stewpot1983 Sun Jun 11
@BrandSanderson Was it a church of the Survivor? Or is it Pathian?

Can’t wait to welcome you to England. Get your signing hand ready ????????

BrandSanderson Sun Jun 11
@stewpot1983 🙂 I believe I will be there for the Oathbringer tour in November.

PK421_ Sun Jun 11
@BrandSanderson What ward did you go to? I served there.

BrandSanderson Sun Jun 11
@PK421_ Lautoka 2nd.

Nafees_Blender Sun Jun 11
@BrandSanderson You’re touring fiji? It’s my home country, be sure to try the mangoes, paw paws and guava fruit!

BrandSanderson Sun Jun 11
@Nafees_Blender I will do so!

BrandSanderson Tue Jun 13
Most remote stealth signing ever? Signed, dated (Brandalized) copy of AMOL. WH Smith at Port Denarau Marina, Fiji. pic

jacobginn Tue Jun 13
@BrandSanderson what day will you be at supernova in Sydney?? Keen to get my booked signed by my fav author 🙂

BrandSanderson Tue Jun 13
@jacobginn I should be there all this weekend. Don’t have my specific as schedule yet.

BrandSanderson Wed Jun 14
There is a new ebook bundle featuring the first books in many of Brandon’s series. Check it out here: link

BrandSanderson Thu Jun 15
Here in Sydney for supanova! Looking forward to seeing you all. I start signing at 2. Not sure what booth yet.

theboonarmies Thu Jun 15
@BrandSanderson are you there Sunday?

BrandSanderson Thu Jun 15
@theboonarmies yup.

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 16
Here is your #FaqFriday answer. If you want to see text of this, you can visit Brandon’s FAQ at:… link

BrandSanderson Sat Jun 17
It required a little work, but found my way to church in Sydney. Thanks to Jon and Mark for the ride!

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 19
If you want signed Sanderson books in Sydney go to Kino (@kinokuniyaaust) just look for George’s face. pic

drewdrewwilson Tue Jun 20
@BrandSanderson I’m so glad my boss at @Dymocks_Sydney pulled me off the cash registers to meet you! Absolutely made my day!

BrandSanderson Tue Jun 20
@drewdrewwilson 🙂

BrandSanderson Tue Jun 20
Miss me at Supanova? Find tons of signed Sanderson books @galaxybookshop, including hardcovers. The staff is great! pic

BrandSanderson Tue Jun 20
I’m heading to Perth in a few hours but wanted to leave a few more signed books in Sydney. You can find them at… link

BoffinsBooks Fri Jun 23
Thanks for coming in and signing a stack of books @BrandSanderson You made our day! pic

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 23
@BoffinsBooks My pleasure!

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 23
Nice day for walking around Perth. Find Signed Sanderson Books at Dymocks Hay Street! #Dymockshayst

ladywinra Fri Jun 23
@BrandSanderson When are you going to come to new Zealand??

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 23
@ladywinra Some day, I promise.

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 23
Find a ton of signed Sanderson books, and great staff, at @BoffinsBooks in downtown Perth. 🙂

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 23
Here is your #FaqFriday answer. If you want to see text of this, you can visit Brandon’s FAQ at:… link

BrandSanderson Sat Jun 24
Many thanks to Amanda, Trevor, Kathy and family, who went very out of their way to help me get to church today. It was a great service.

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 26
#MistbornMonday – Thanks Audio Publishers Association for selecting The Bands of Mourning as a 2017 Audie Finalist! pic

BrandSanderson Tue Jun 27
Curious about Oathbringer‘s beta read? @tordotcom’s Alice Arneson wrote a very cool post today. Check it out!

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