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Tweets June 2014

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 02
LEGION fans! Subterranean Press has announced their special edition preorder for LEGION: SKIN DEEP. link

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 02
Writing Excuses’ submission for the Hugo Voter Packet includes links to 8 top episodes from season 8. link

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 06
The latest Writing Excuses writing advice show episode talks about worldbuilding without breaking viewpoint. link

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 06
Pure genius: Mashup of Metallica (Enter Sandman) and Frozen (Do you want to build a Snowman): link

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 09
For Magic: The Gathering players, introducing Augmented Draft. link #mtg

MTGOAcademy Mon Jun 09
@BrandSanderson @oraymw (Chris) Less drafting, more writing!

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 09
@MTGOAcademy How much more do I have to write each week to get you guys to make @Marshall_LR record some more cube drafts? 🙂

oraymw Mon Jun 09
@BrandSanderson @MTGOAcademy @Marshall_LR He just put one up yesterday, so I guess the answer is nothing?

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 09
@oraymw @MTGOAcademy @Marshall_LR Ha! I’d missed that one completely. Thanks for the heads up.

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 09
DRAGONSBANE, the book that first got me into fantasy, is $1.99 today on Kindle. link

PatrickRothfuss Mon Jun 09
Phoenix airport. Rumors that I signed @BrandSanderson’s book along with my own are mere hearsay & should be ignored. pic

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 09
@PatrickRothfuss We ought to carry bookplates around of each other’s signature… And then we can stick them in @Scalzi books.

PatrickRothfuss Mon Jun 09
@BrandSanderson I like this plan. @scalzi

scalzi Mon Jun 09
@PatrickRothfuss I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE @BrandSanderson

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 16
Sent in the 4th draft of Firefight, sequel to Steelheart. This one’s really close to being done. (Will start Stormlight 3 soon. I promise.)

Chris_from_Jax Mon Jun 16
@BrandSanderson you haven’t STARTED it yet??? Have you been hanging with @GRRMspeaking ?

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 16
@Chris_from_Jax I take six months off between any long project to refresh myself by working on other things. It’s how my process works.

BrandSanderson Tue Jun 17
Great cosplay of Shallan by reader, Julie. pic

BrandSanderson Wed Jun 18
LEGION is in StoryBundle for the next 3 weeks (outside of UK/Aus/NZ etc). Catch up before the sequel comes out! link

BrandSanderson Thu Jun 19
Tor dot com hits chapter 1 in their reread of WORDS OF RADIANCE. link

BrandSanderson Fri Jun 20
My thriller LEGION is (except in UK territories) for next 3 weeks in a DRM-free StoryBundle. link pic

BrandSanderson Sat Jun 21
For the weekend crowd: LEGION is in a StoryBundle with 8 other DRM-free ebooks. (Except in UK/Aus/NZ/etc., sorry.) link

PubsOverClubs Sat Jun 28
@BrandSanderson Brandon/Peter, Q1: when will Legion be back in print and available for purchase? Q2: Starting work on Shadows of Self soon?

BrandSanderson Sat Jun 28
@PubsOverClubs Shadows of Self has probably been pushed back until after Stormlight 3. Legion reprint hopefully soon.

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 30
Shadows Beneath: The Writing Excuses Anthology, with my Cosmere novella “Sixth of the Dusk,” is available now! link

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 30
Here’s the cover art for Shadows Beneath, available now! link pic

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 30
Hugo-nominated Julie Dillon’s art was a great fit for Shadows Beneath! link pic

perkyanda Mon Jun 30
Current minor annoyance: there isn’t a kindle version of the complete wheel of time in one volume. Can @BrandSanderson make it happen?

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 30
@perkyanda Ebook retailers tend to give grief to books that cost too much, whatever the length. So this is tough.

_YouAreEnough_ Mon Jun 30
@BrandSanderson I’m LOVING The Way of Kings. Your underdog stories are always so compelling.

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 30
@_YouAreEnough_ Thanks!

Scanndalus Mon Jun 30
@BrandSanderson what are your thoughts on Kindle Worlds? Just found out about it today and noticed there aren’t many works to choose from

BrandSanderson Mon Jun 30
@Scanndalus I am curious how it will go as an experiment, but for now prefer fanfics on my works be the not-for-profit kind.

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