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Tweets July 2016

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 01
Finished the next big chunk of Stormlight 3, formally completing Part Two (of five, though part five will be short.) Looking good so far!

King_of_Whirl Tue Jul 05
@PatrickRothfuss @LordGrimdark @BrentWeeks @BrandSanderson Thinking of moving away from Microsoft word, is Scrivener any good?

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 05
@King_of_Whirl Afraid I use Word. But I have friends that love it.

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 05
Lecture #3 from my writing class this year is up! #2 went up last week, if you missed it. link

darci_cole Tue Jul 05
@BrandSanderson Would you say the “Sense of Progress” you teach here is basically a different way to talk about/explain pacing?

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 05
@darci_cole Kind of. You can have a slow pace and good sense of progress at the same time, though.

VeesBooks Tue Jul 05
Just finished #Mistbornbook1 by @BrandSanderson …. I think I’m in a daze of shock. Wow. What a way to… Wow. #Amreading #reading

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 05

LuckDragn Wed Jul 06
@BrandSanderson I only know two other writers near me. Who else would be good for a writer’s workshop?

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 06
@LuckDragn You can sometimes find very good readers, with an editorial mindset, who don’t write themselves who are good members.

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 06
@LuckDragn I’d suggest going to a convention someplace close, though, and seeing if you can meet other writers there.

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 06
This week’s Writing Excuses episode discusses the difference between thrillers, horror stories, and mysteries. link

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 06
The Mistborn: House War board game Kickstarter is now 530% funded and working on the 12th stretch goal. link

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 08
#TheShatteredLens from my middle grade series, Alcatraz,was chosen as one of @iBooks’ #BestBooksofJuly:

BrandSanderson Sun Jul 10
Three year old quote of the day: “Dad! I have a new game called get the duck and throw it in the air. Guess how to play it!”

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 12
Lecture #4 from my writing class this year is up! #3 went up last week, if you missed it. link

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 13
This week’s Writing Excuses episode discusses Impostor Syndrome with guest, Alyssa Wong.

leo_dabrowskej Fri Jul 15
@BrandSanderson Ever thought about a comic of the “Reckoners” world? I would freaking love it!

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 15
@leo_dabrowskej We have considered it! If the White Sand graphic novel does well, I might do others.

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 19
Lecture #5 from my writing class this year is up! #4 went up last week, if you missed it. link

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 19
Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the final day to back the Mistborn: House War board game Kickstarter campaign.

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 19
This week’s Writing Excuses episode discusses thrillers as a subgenre.

darci_cole Tue Jul 19
More wand pictures. We’re legit, you guys. @colevanders @ElocNodnarb pic

darci_cole Tue Jul 19
Also, I am determined to get #colevanders wands to @howardtayler and @BrandSanderson so all the WX podcasters can also be spell-casters ✒️✨

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@darci_cole @howardtayler I saw the ones you gave to Mary and Dan. Quite nice!

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
London! @Waterstones Tottenham Court Road (@waterstonesTCR) has stealth-signed books. (Don’t ask how I got there.) pic

gjn0rse Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson i have followed your ninja signings closely & snagged a few. Am very grateful but interested in why you started doing it?

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@gjn0rse Early in my career, I got accustomed to signing books wherever I found them, as I felt I needed every edge I could get to sell.

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@gjn0rse It became a habit, and I’ve just kept doing it.

metunnica Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson are you in London for an event?

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@metunnica No, I’m actually back home by now. Wife and I a quick trip over to see some shows, but didn’t tell anyone.

angelsk Wed Jul 20
@brandsanderson @waterstones @waterstonestcr Really? That’s by me!!!! You could have said hi 🙂

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@angelsk @Waterstones @WaterstonesTCR 🙂 It was quite the stealthy trip all around. Didn’t even tell my publisher or agent.

NouraNoman Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson Are you in London ?????

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@NouraNoman I was, but not any longer. (Emily and I visited for our tenth anniversary.)

cassie_lb Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson :O Brandon! Sneaky. I hope you’re enjoying London (if you’re still here) anyway.

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@cassie_lb I did enjoy it…but I’m back in the States now.

alitoots43 Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson @Waterstones @WaterstonesTCR please Brandon Sanderson can you do a signing in Manchester or Liverpool. Youre my top author

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@alitoots43 I’ve signed in both! (As recently as last fall, I believe.) I’m sure to visit again, perhaps next spring.

somebodyofthe Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson do you think it’s likely that you’ll come to Israel anytime soon. ?

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@somebodyofthe I’ve been invited, but haven’t been able to make it work in the schedule yet. Hopefully, it will happen in the near future.

jndub Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson almost done with TWOK, which book come after it?

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@jndub The sequel is called Words of Radiance. I’m working on Book Three now.

EddyCurant Wed Jul 20
You know you’ve “Made It” when Powells in PDX gives you a professional shelf bio. @BrandSanderson pic

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@EddyCurant Oooh. Nifty!

authorlindsayc Wed Jul 20
Nothing like a good book and a gorgeous beach. Time to dive in to MISTBORN, @BrandSanderson pic

BrandSanderson Thu Jul 21
@authorlindsayc I certainly envy the location!

aLatinaReader Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson I finished The Final Empire today and I love it! Thanks so much for writing this #booktubeathon

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@aLatinaReader My pleasure! Thanks for reading.

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
3 hours left to back the Mistborn board game Kickstarter campaign. link

happyindulgence Wed Jul 20
Woke up this morning to find the fiancee reading Mistborn in bed. My job here is done ???? @BrandSanderson

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@happyindulgence You have chosen wisely, obviously.

M_A_Roman Wed Jul 20
My debut #YA #SciFi novel, #TiTAN, is right above @BrandSanderson’s #Steelheart series in the book store! Epic!!! pic

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@M_A_Roman Good luck!

kevinyoufool Wed Jul 20
@BrandSanderson are your fans called fandersons?

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 20
@kevinyoufool 🙂

SmellyLlama Thu Jul 21
@BrandSanderson just finished WotK and WoR, incredible! Looking forward to the new book. 🙂

BrandSanderson Thu Jul 21
@SmellyLlama Thanks!

MrJMusic Thu Jul 21
@BrandSanderson working my way through SoS wondering if we’ll see a sci-fi version of Scadrial. Maybe visiting some of the rest of Cosmere?

BrandSanderson Thu Jul 21
@MrJMusic Yes, you will–but I want to do a more modern technology version first.

Dear_Godot Thu Jul 21
@BrandSanderson After a nerd out session with @thelindywest last night, can’t wait to hop on Book 2! #mistborn pic

BrandSanderson Thu Jul 21
@Dear_Godot @thelindywest Enjoy!

HuwJordan333 Thu Jul 21
@BrandSanderson a year after finishing WoT, the one thing I still need to know is will Gaidal Cain’s current identity ever be revealed?

BrandSanderson Thu Jul 21
@HuwJordan333 It’s one of those things that I might be able to talk about some day, but not quite yet.

LindseyStirling Thu Jul 21
What does being #BraveEnough mean to you? Upload your video to YouTube and send it to: [email protected] link

QuestFloorCare Thu Jul 21
2/2 @LindseyStirling @BrandSanderson actuall, several GREAT books on that topicCheck out #WayofKings when you have a minute. #FiveIdeals

BrandSanderson Thu Jul 21
@QuestFloorCare @LindseyStirling I’ve got a piece or two by Lindsey on my writing playlist for the next book, though I don’t think we’ve met

thirdchildart Thu Jul 21
Bostaff gesture studies starring Kaladin! @BrandSanderson pic

BrandSanderson Thu Jul 21
@thirdchildart Sweet!

EarthNerdAdkins Thu Jul 21
@BrandSanderson What a payoff for all that preceded it. Can’t wait to start book 2.

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22

axtimusprime Thu Jul 21
Have wanted to take a stab at this for a while now. This is 5 heartbeats deep. #stormlightarchive @BrandSanderson pic

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@axtimusprime Impressive! Nice work.

MeowzerTehBeast Thu Jul 21
@BrandSanderson I joined Bridge 4 today. pic

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@MeowzerTehBeast Looks great on the forearm like that.

scifan3 Thu Jul 21
@BrandSanderson What form did Shen/Rlain officially end up in at the end of Words of Radiance?

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@scifan3 Warform, I believe.

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
Family is all asleep, and I have finished signing books in the warehouse for those who ordered them from my website. Finally time to write.

pm230831 Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson way of the kings perhaps?

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@pm230831 Yes. Book Three.

yafeshan Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson you work too hard. Please give yourself a vacation time

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@yafeshan I’m fine–I enjoy my work, which makes it easier. I often write at nights; it’s a habit I’ve had for decades.

Raven1908 Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson sounds like time to sleep so you can chill with the family tomorrow. We’ll wait for the next book.

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@Raven1908 I generally write from midnight to four, then sleep until noon, so it’s cool.

AIndoria Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson @davidfarland If I bully you through the powers of internet will you send me one?

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@AIndoria @davidfarland One what, exactly?

AIndoria Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson @davidfarland A book! You speak as if designing asteroids is your primary job 😛

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@AIndoria @davidfarland Well, I don’t make them particularly hard to get… 🙂 And I wasn’t sure why you included Dave too.

AIndoria Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson @davidfarland Oh, I just saw your tweet when he Retweeted it. I grabbed one at one of your recent store-signings 🙂

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@AIndoria @davidfarland Ah, that makes sense. Well, if I design some asteroids in the future, I’ll make sure you get one… 🙂

JoelDehlin Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson how do you do it all, man?

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@JoelDehlin One step at a time.

Acediar Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson you really love writing, don’t you? I don’t mean the “write a book and publish it” part. I mean “the act of writing itself”.

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@Acediar I do. I wrote over a dozen before I actually sold one.

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
Good news! You can now preorder the limited edition of my new novella #Snapshot! link

shnar Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson When do you have time to write these things? You should be spending all your time on Stormlight!!! 😉

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@shnar This was on the flight home from Dubai, when I didn’t have access to the materials I needed for Stormlight. 🙂

_curtis_n Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson just wondering, does this take place in the Cosmere?

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@_curtis_n No, this is a Science Fiction story. Edgedancer, the novella in the collection this fall, is cosmere. (Stormlight, actually.)

Frannie_Pan Fri Jul 22
The hero of ages has come to an end.
I’m someone else.
I’m a world of ash turned into life & light.
#mistborn @BrandSanderson

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22

BillSmily Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson Is there going to be a 10th anniversary edition of Mistborn the final Empire, in leatherbound, like Elantris???

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 22
@BillSmily Yup! Should be this Christmas.

shnar Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson nice, a very effective use of boring time 🙂 on a different note, did you catch the MST3k Reunion show? 🙂

BrandSanderson Sat Jul 23
@shnar No, I didn’t–but I should look it up.

BillVaz Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson When you’re writing, how many words you do per day on average? And when you’re revising, how many words per day on average?

BrandSanderson Sat Jul 23
@BillVaz Writing between 2k and 3k. Revising, between 10k and 20k, depending on how difficult the section is.

AdorableAaronB Fri Jul 22
@BrandSanderson will you be at San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow?

BrandSanderson Sat Jul 23
@AdorableAaronB Afraid not. I’m at Dragon*Con this year instead.

KatieHadgis Fri Jul 22
accidentally spent the whole day getting my heart torn to shreds aka reading, thanks @BrandSanderson

BrandSanderson Sat Jul 23
@KatieHadgis You’re…welcome?

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
For my European readers (or those interested in going to Italy this fall!) I will be at the #LuccaCandG festival. link

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
Lecture #6 from my writing class this year is up! #5 went up last week, if you missed it. link

HowlingSeaDog Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson Love your work and desperate to see these. I work at sea and don’t have bandwidth for video. Is audio available anywhere?

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@HowlingSeaDog We talked about putting them up as podcasts. I’ll talk to my video guy, and say there’s at least one person asking.

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
Just ticked the percentage bar for Stormlight three up to 65%. 260k words written of a projected 400k final.

rrvirdi Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson . Here I was feeling proud of hitting the 60k in a month mark halfway down in my novel.
…what magic are you using!?!?!

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@rrvirdi 60k in a month is fantastic for anyone. Most months I only get 40k.

rrvirdi Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson . That…just happened…
PS. Ty for your youtube lectures!
Learning so much from you!

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@rrvirdi My pleasure. Good luck with your books!

mrkhlm Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson i wrote my first 500 words yesterday and felt proud. I can’t even imagine 400k

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@mrkhlm 400k starts with 500 words. Do that consistently, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it goes.

Bre_Faucheux Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson I’m curious, how long do you spend on revisions? Does the average book take a certain number of months?

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@Bre_Faucheux Series take longer to revise, page for page. Stormlight will spend about a year in revisions; shorter books, six months.

Gary0wen__ Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson thanks for finishing wheel of time those books consumed my life and what a ending. #letthedragonride #onthewinds #oftime

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@Gary0wen__ It was an honor.

robert_mee Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson Can’t wait to read it! Your work is always fantastic. Any word on a tour yet?

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@robert_mee No word yet, but I’m sure it will be extensive.

robert_mee Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson It was great seeing you in Tyson’s Corner last time. Have you checked out the new MtG set yet? What are your thoughts?

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@robert_mee I haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

kanjymyhoorbru Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson Woooooooo!!! Currently busy with Words of Radiance, so I, at least, will not suffer as long as some already have, ha! ????

kanjymyhoorbru Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson absolutely brilliant, your world-building and character work is legit. Thank you for the fantastic ride Mr. Sanderson ???? ???? ????

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@kanjymyhoorbru It is my pleasure.

aquemini182 Tue Jul 26
@BrandSanderson is 400k a goal? Or something your trying to stay below etc?

BrandSanderson Tue Jul 26
@aquemini182 Something I’m trying very hard to stay below. (I’ll likely fail on this one.)

AymanTeaman Fri Jul 29
@BrandSanderson yay & impressive!
Do u add ur word count as you type it, or have a certain quality standard before considering it ‘ticked’?

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 29
@AymanTeaman First draft is just as I write it. Making sure the writing hits a quality standard will happen in editing.

CornerCritic Wed Jul 27
Want to start reading @BrandSanderson. Gonna start with the two books in the Stormlight Archive series, as I hear they’re phenomenal.

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 27
@CornerCritic Enjoy! They’re my best work, but they do require a little patience.

adkeith80 Wed Jul 27
@BrandSanderson when looking for an agent, would you summarize the book or the series?

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 27
@adkeith80 Book. Particularly if you can make the first stand on its own, which you should be trying to do.

KillJodi Thu Jul 28
@BrandSanderson one of wit too. pic

BrandSanderson Thu Jul 28
@KillJodi Nice! I like that one the best of the three.

triathletewms Thu Jul 28
Found an unsigned book by @BrandSanderson in Atlanta airport, has to be worth a fortune. pic

BrandSanderson Fri Jul 29
@triathletewms 🙂

KillJodi Sun Jul 31
@BrandSanderson a VERY rough sketch I did this mornin of Kaladin n Szeths battle. Howud high&everstorm walls differ? pic

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