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Tweets January 3-6

Peter here. On Monday, Brandon began working on A MEMORY OF LIGHT, starting with a reread of the entire Wheel of Time. As he rereads, he’s posting thoughts on Twitter and answering some people’s questions. This means a lot of tweeting. He wants me to archive the tweets on the site, which I’ve been doing via blog posts. The blog post size limit on Brandon’s website is about 51,000 bytes, and the post I wanted to make today was about 227,000 bytes. Trying every css trick I can think of only got the size down to 155,000 bytes. So it still needs to get split into three.

The calendar interface on the left side of the blog doesn’t like it when there’s more than one blog post per day. So instead, I’m posting this one post here with links to the three parts of today’s post. People who read through RSS, sorry about that!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

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