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Tweets January 2018

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 02
Adam here. I just put a new post on Brandon’s website, you should give it a read. (hint: I tell you how you can ema… link

BrandSanderson Wed Jan 03
Hey writers! We are recording Q&A episodes of @WritingExcuses today, and need your questions about writing charact… link

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 04
Thank you so much to those who gave us questions for yesterday’s @WritingExcuses episodes! They will air first half… link

BrandSanderson Fri Jan 05
Life takes on a beautiful variety of forms in the Cosmere. From the smallest spren to the scariest creatures, on Ro… link

BrandSanderson Mon Jan 08
Official art of Wayne by krhart. #MistbornMonday
link pic

BrandSanderson Wed Jan 10
Adam here. the @WritingExcuses website is experiencing some technical issues. We are looking into remedies and will… link

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 11
Adam here. We have some updates on the Kaladin album as well as this week’s new @WritingExcuses episode.

BrandSanderson Fri Jan 12
Brandon did an extensive interview with @crendor a few months back which you should definitely watch if you haven’t… link

BrandSanderson Mon Jan 15
“Pushing and Pulling” by Kessant. #MistbornMonday
link pic

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 16
This is the newest addition to Dragonsteel headquarters. We’re thinking of naming him Harold but are open to sugges… link

BrandSanderson Wed Jan 17
We received many great name recommendations for our office dragon. Thank you! We selected our favorites but we want… link

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 18
The dragon has been named! With over 4,200 votes cast you have selected Beauregard McRawr. pic

BrandSanderson Fri Jan 19
The spren are active little creatures, sometimes latching onto others, providing guidance and advice – who knows wh… link

BrandSanderson Mon Jan 22
If you’re an @audible subscriber, and you’ve been wanting to give The Emperor’s Soul a try, it’s on sale today for… link

BrandSanderson Mon Jan 22
“Elend” – by dejan-delic. #MistbornMonday
link pic

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 23
The unparalleled narrating talent of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (@Kramer_Reading) will be doing an Oathbringer… link

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 23
Check out this epic trailer for The Reckoners board game from @NauvooGames which is Kickstarting on February 13.

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 23
I was just told the @byustore has low numbered (and signed) copies of the limited leatherbound edition of The Well… link

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 23
About 45 minutes until the Oathbringer #AudibleChat with @Kramer_Reading. Don’t miss it! pic

BrandSanderson Wed Jan 24
Adam here! Want to see more about the Reckoners game by @NauvooGames. Or about this weeks new @WritingExcuses episo… link

BrandSanderson Wed Jan 24
In memory of the great Ursula K. Le Guin, let me point you toward my favorite collection of her stories:… link

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 25
The game developer @ArcturusXR–the company behind the forthcoming Escape the Shattered Plains VR Experience–wrote a… link

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 25
In about an hour I will be interviewed by @byuradio on @SIRIUSXM channel 143. You can also listen online at… link

BrandSanderson Fri Jan 26
Had a great time yesterday with @byuradio. If you weren’t able to listen live you can still give it a listen here:… link

BrandSanderson Fri Jan 26
A reader pointed me (Adam) to this magical card from the Boss Monster 2 card game. #BranadinWordblessed pic

BrandSanderson Mon Jan 29
This week’s #MistbornMonday art is from Juan F. Bautista Zambrana. You can see more of his incredible art on his we… link

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 30
This exceptional sketch of Dalinar by Vargasni, which was given to Brandon while on tour in Barcelona in 2016, is c… link

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