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Stormlight 4 & 5 outlining
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Starsight (Skyward 2) final proofread
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Stormlight 4 rough draft
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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Tweets January 2017

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 03
Karen just finished reading the applications for Brandon’s BYU class. You can read her wrap-up post here:

BrandSanderson Wed Jan 04
Amazing Vin fan art! pic

BrandSanderson Wed Jan 04
New @WritingExcuses episode plus chapter 11 of @torbooks continuing reread of #Warbreaker

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 05
The Oathbringer beta read invitations have gone out. Contact @PeterAhlstrom if I previously said you were in the beta but there’s no email.

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 10
Been working hard on the Oathbringer 3.0 draft. We’ll update the % bar soon. I just got through Part One.

BrandSanderson Mon Jan 16
Details on the 2017 @WritingExcuses Retreat scholarship:

SteveKilzer Tue Jan 17
@BrandSanderson Are the Terris people in the Mistborn Series based on a race/religion in real life? #mistborn

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 17
@SteveKilzer No specific single inspiration. Many partial ones.

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 19
MGM options Brandon’s forthcoming novella Snapshot

BrandSanderson Fri Jan 20
Still moving (slowly) through the Oathbringer 3.0 draft. More details here: link

Deepakr05 Fri Jan 20
@BrandSanderson which cities are you visiting in Germany? Your tour schedule isn’t updated.

BrandSanderson Fri Jan 20
@Deepakr05 Yeah, I just looked and they haven’t updated. I’m at Leipzig Book Fair, I believe. I’ll ask my team to update.

BrandSanderson Mon Jan 23
Want to give your two cents on the naming of the Stabby Achievement Award on @Reddit_Fantasy? You can do it here:

BrandSanderson Wed Jan 25
Poland, Germany, and Bulgaria: Brandon will be heading your way in March!

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 26
#Steelheart is featured in @audible_com’s 2-for-1 sale, which runs from Thursday, January 26th through January 29th.

BrandSanderson Thu Jan 26
Check out this Kaladin/Syl fan art from deviant art!
link pic

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