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Tweets December 2017

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 14
Gate C7 Simply Books in the Salt Lake Airport is restocked with signed books–but Oathbringer is nearly sold out. Lots of Edgedancer though.

BrandSanderson Fri Dec 01
I have two signings today. The first is this afternoon at 12:30 in Leeds at @WstonesLeeds. After which, I will head… link

BrandSanderson Fri Dec 01
My signing in Glasgow is sold out tomorrow night, but Newcastle this evening still has a few seats left. Check my website for details.

BrandSanderson Fri Dec 01
Want a behind-the-scenes look at the writing process for The Way of Kings? You can read Brandon’s annotations from… link

BrandSanderson Sun Dec 03
LDS church was under renovation in Glasgow today, but thankfully still open. Had a very nice service. Thanks for be… link

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 04
Adam here, if you were wanting to order signed/personalized books from Brandon’s website, today is the last day to… link

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 04
Thank you, everyone, for making Oathbringer @audible_com’s Best of the Year 2017 Listener Favorite.

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 11
On my way home from the UK–and I found a small stack of books (no Oathbringer, I’m afraid) in the Terminal 3 books… link

SeanCampbell Mon Dec 11
@BrandSanderson There’s someone on a flight right now opening up their copy of Harry Potter and saying to themselve… link

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 11
@SeanCampbell And why did he cross out every instance of Hogwarts and write “Urithiru?”

__Bigglesworth_ Mon Dec 11
@BrandSanderson Can you sign ebooks?

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 11
@__Bigglesworth_ I sometimes sign e readers.

yuraicosplay Mon Dec 11
My #Sylphrena ‘s Cosplay from #thestormlightarchive by @BrandSanderson @NovaCiFi pic

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 11
@yuraicosplay Wow! Awesome.

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 11
Sweet new bookstore at the MSP airport! Open Book on the main mall. Great staff and many signed Sanderson Books, including Edgedancer.

BrianMalek Mon Dec 11
@BrandSanderson Wonder if they’ll still be there when I fly out on Thursday back home! Eep!

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 11
@BrianMalek They had a nice stack, so you’ve got a good chance.

_TestBot Mon Dec 11
Holy fucking shit chapter 84 of #Oathbringer is one of the most insane chapters I have read in any book. The emotio… link

AttackFr0g Mon Dec 11
@_TestBot @BrandSanderson We are just about in the same spot. That was super powerful, and horrible, and wonderful.

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 11
@AttackFr0g @_TestBot

KJustine643 Mon Dec 11
@BrandSanderson Hello good sir, I would just like to tell you that in the past month your books have overshadowed m… link

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 11
@KJustine643 My pleasure! (I think.) 🙂

BrandSanderson Tue Dec 12
If you’ve been waiting for information regarding our special leatherbound edition of Mistborn: The Well of Ascensio… link

BrandSanderson Tue Dec 12
The website is down right now (we’re looking into it) but the store is still up. If you wanted to get the special l… link

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 13
Adam here. The @byustore has signed copies of Oathbringer, all three leather-bound volumes, and other swag. They ha… link

BrandSanderson Thu Dec 14
If you’re looking for a Cosmere appropriate Christmas gift, you should check out the Mistborn and Oathbringer art b… link

BrandSanderson Fri Dec 15
Adam here. We have restocked the t-shirts, beanies, and decals on Brandon’s website store. If you hope to get them… link

BrandSanderson Fri Dec 15
I’ve got a special holiday treat for you! I mentioned that we’re developing a short VR experience to immerse you in… link

BrandSanderson Fri Dec 15
A little reminder for my Utah readers, I will be at the Sugarhouse Barnes & Noble tomorrow at 2:00. I hope to see y… link

BrandSanderson Sat Dec 16
Signing is done, so I’m heading to the launch of the Kaladin Album! If you want to go, it’s at the Riverwoods at a place called the Manor.

BrandSanderson Sat Dec 16
Release of the Kaladin Album has free food! Chouta and Rock’s stew. Drop by. They are here (the Manor at Riverwoods… link

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 18
If you’ve been wondering about my “Secret Project”, I just posted a little blog to officially announce my next seri… link

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 18
Michael Whelan is selling some additional pieces of Oathbringer art including concepts and variations on Oathbringe… link

BrandSanderson Mon Dec 18
I know many of you have been trying to read my post about Skyward, my new YA series, but my website isn’t cooperati… link

BrandSanderson Tue Dec 19
Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day! pic

BrandSanderson Tue Dec 19
Want to know what I did this year, and what’s in store for next? You can read my State of the Sanderson 2017 on my… link

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 20
Found this awesome Whitespine art by Amanda Diaz.
link pic

BrandSanderson Thu Dec 21
I will be signing at the Orem Barnes & Noble tonight at 6:00. If you’re wanting to get books signed for Christmas,… link

BrandSanderson Fri Dec 22
I had two signings in Utah this past week and I left a bunch of signed goodies at @BNSugarhouse and @BN_Orem. I was… link

BrandSanderson Tue Dec 26
Meet Lopen, the newest member of team Dragonsteel. pic

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 27
Kaladin, the album by @EpicBookMusic (The Black Piper), is out today! Huzzah! You can check it out here:

BrandSanderson Thu Dec 28
Adam here. If you’ve been wanting to try The Rithmatist, today is your day. @amazon has selected it to be a Goldbox… link

DJBguile Sat Dec 30
@BrandSanderson Did we see the Fourth Ideal of the Windrunners anywhere in Oathbringer?
(I.E. did… link

BrandSanderson Sat Dec 30
@DJBguile No.

juicyfizz Sun Dec 31
Stayed up late reading a book and I’m up at 5:30am reading again – ain’t even mad. I blame you, @BrandSanderson. Ab… link

BrandSanderson Sun Dec 31

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