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Time running out! Also, World English release of Mistborn

It appears that I completely underestimated you wonderful (read: crazy) people. I had thought, foolishly, that 100 Allomantic Table prints would last a few months at least. Well, after 24 hours, we’ve sold 85 of the 100 prints.

So what am I saying? If you want one, you probably only have a few hours left. So might I suggest some expediency?

And, in the same vein, if you want a signed, numbered copy of THE GATHERING STORM, your time is running out there as well. Sam Weller’s has a few of those left of their 500 limit, but I’ll be going in to sign and personalize them on Monday. So this is just a gentle reminder. I think they’re going to be able to ship them in a way that gets you the book on the release day. It would be very nice for them to have sold through their 500 when I go in to sign on Monday, so if you were thinking of getting one of those copies, your time is quickly running out.

Finally, the UK. It has been a long and surprisingly difficult path getting my books released in the World English market. As it stands, I’ve sold rights to my novels in some twenty markets so far, but for the longest time the only way to get the Mistborn books in the UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand has been to either import them or (in the UK) go through the UK science fiction book club.

I’ve wondered why this is. Part of me thinks that these areas, already having a stable of strong fantasy and science fiction writers locally, didn’t need to bring over some uppity Yank’s books. Still, the large numbers of import sales indicated that there was a strong desire to read the books, and I think the release of THE GATHERING STORM in a few weeks will drive more eyes toward MISTBORN. My agent thinks that the World English markets were hesitant because they originally passed on the books, and now worry that enough people have imported them to dull the market for them.

Either way, we finally—at long last—have found a World English market publisher who is willing to take a chance on the books. Gollancz (a fine publisher) is releasing the books in these markets one at a time, a few months apart. (Book two is in December, I believe, and book three to follow around February.)

I’ve had a lot of complaints from people in these countries that they can’t find my books. Well, with how difficult it was to get a publisher to take a chance on us, I’d certainly like to make a good showing now that the books are out. So, if you live in the UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, now would be the time to go and give the books a look. (Or maybe nudge your friends into doing so.)

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