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THE WAY OF KINGS Preview Chapters & Contests + Updates

THE WAY OF KINGS will be released in less than one month. So it’s time for some more preview chapters, right? As of today, you can read chapters nine and eleven over at (registration required). “Wait!” you may say. “What happened to chapters seven, eight, and ten?” Well, there are only so many chapters they’ll let you preview, and I thought this part of Kaladin’s storyline was more important to show you than Shallan’s. Don’t worry; you won’t be lost if you read these chapters. (Unless, of course, you didn’t listen to the audiobook chapters four and six, which you can find here, or the earlier chapters here.)

There are also some more advance reading copy giveaways for the book. The Goodreads giveaway has expanded to 200 copies from 40 (as of this moment, though, over 3200 readers have entered). That one is limited to US residents only and ends at midnight tonight. But here are some contests you can enter from anywhere on the planet! Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is giving away three signed copies here. is giving away one copy here along with hardcovers of the Mistborn trilogy and a glow-in-the-dark THE WAY OF KINGS bracelet (currently nearly 900 people have entered…). And their Twitter account is holding a separate giveaway of one copy; to enter just @reply to this post on Twitter by Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. EST. I must assume these will not be the final opportunities to win a copy of the ARC.

This week on our Writing Excuses podcast, Howard, Dan, and I talk about extrapolating a future setting from what we know about the present, i.e. worldbuilding the future. Check it out.

The most recent WARBREAKER annotations talk about my favorite character in the book: Lightsong the Bold, the god who doesn’t believe in his own religion. I also talk about his high priest, Llarimar.

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