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The Way of Kings on Amazon (??)

There are couple of interesting Amazon things to note. First off, I just noticed that Mistborn: The Well of Ascension just went up on Amazon for pre-order in paperback! It’s always fun to see a new listing for one of your books, even if you ARE hopping that people will buy the hardcover instead of waiting all the way until June to get the paperback. 😉

In other odd Amazon news, they have a copy of one of my books for sale that was never printed, published, or even finished. What the heck? Check this link, but I have a screenshot below. Assuming I get this right, you should be able to click on the picture and see a larger version.

The Way of Kings is the book I was writing when I sold ELANTRIS and got a book deal. The initial contract was a two-book deal, including Elantris and The Way of Kings. I eventually decided to hold off on Kings, instead wanting to publish a book I had an Idea for called Mistborn: The Final Empire. I figured that it was a better showcase of my skill as a writer, and would be a better follow-up to Elantris. The Way of Kings was too long to publish (350k words) and needed substancial editing to either make two books out of it, or trim it down to one.

It’s very amusing to see an amazon listing for it. I’m sure this is a typo of some sort–they probably have Well of Ascension for sale. After all, even if the seller had found a loose leaf copy of The Way of Kings that I’d given to a friend or something, it wouldn’t have been published by Tor or in Mass Market Paperback form. It certainly wouldn’t have 2006 as a date! But, what could this be? A Mass Market of Elantris (which came out in 2006?) Or, a mass market of Mistborn: The Final Empire, perhaps? Very curious.

Either way, I’m amused to see a copy of a book I never published selling on Amazon. I’m not sure to be impressed or disturbed by the fact that it actually has a higher sales rank than several fantasy books I know of, including the just-included Mistborn 2 paperback….

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