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The Sanderson Household Welcomes LimeBaby

In case you haven’t heard, we have a new addition to our family. LimeBaby was born on Monday the 29th at about 2:00pm. Mother and baby boy are both fine, and while it wasn’t an easy delivery (are any really easy?) it wasn’t hard, and there were no real complications. (The cord was around his neck, and that gave us a little worry as every time Pemberly would push, Lime’s heart rate would go way down. The doctors and nurses figured it out, however.)

As of this afternoon at about 2:00, we are home, healthy, and happy. Thanks to everyone who wished us congratulations, and for those who sent us gifts! Much appreciated. As this is our first child, we’re stumbling about, trying to figure out how this all works.

In case you’re wondering, I use the term LimeBaby for him for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s nice to have an added level of privacy when it comes to the Internet. You can easily find his real name (Joel) on my forum or on Wikipedia (eventually) as I’m somewhat in the public eye. However, I prefer using a nickname on my blog. The name comes from the fact that during Pemberly’s pregnancy, she got weekly updates from a baby website which would tell her the developments the fetus was going through during that week. The email would always compare the size of the baby to an object to let us know the relative size. Most of these were foods, and Pemberly would call the baby by that name that week. “Peababy has a spine!” she’d say. Or “Beanbaby has eye spots!”

Eventually, he hit LimeBaby, which we liked for some reason. The next week was Jumbo Shrimp, and we didn’t like the sound of “Jumbo Shrimp Baby.” Not only did the fetus kind of LOOK like a shrimp, which made it too real a comparison, but it just didn’t roll off the tongue.

So, LimeBaby he became!

We’ll see how this changes my work schedule. I hope to keep on doing what I’m doing, just with a baby in tow, but we shall see. For now, expect some Annotations tomorrow or Friday and watch the percentages on the front page to see what I’m working on and how quickly it’s going.

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