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The Rithmatist ebook sale in the UK + Updates

Good news for everyone in the UK! The Rithmatist is on sale on Kindle (and may be price-matched at other vendors) until May 4th. I have country-specific links in the tabs here. And for everyone else (including those in the UK), my novella Perfect State came out a couple of weeks ago, if you missed the news.

And some more awesome news: Rhode Island teens voted, and Steelheart has tied for the 2015 Rhode Island Teen Book Award. Thanks to all of my readers there! Firefight is out now, and I’m hard at work on the final book in the trilogy, Calamity. I’ve passed the 50% mark and should finish around the first week of May. You can keep track by looking at the progress bars in the upper right corner of my website.

There is a new Writing Excuses episode this week: Worldbuilding Wilderness with Wes Chu. Wes recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and has some things to say about all the wilderness trekking that our characters do in the books we write, and how we often forget to say anything about sleeping on inclines, altitude sickness, or packing toilet paper. More importantly, we need to remember that our characters are experiencing these wilderness treks, and have opinions about them.

Last week, in’s continuing reread posts for Words of Radiance, Alice Arneson attempted to unravel the mysteries of the Listener songs. This week, Carl Engle-Laird deals with Interludes 5 and 6 which generally involve grumpy old men talking down to young whippersnappers.

My assistant Adam has updated the Twitter posts archive for April.

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