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The Hero of Ages leatherbound, personalizations open + updates

Adam here. We have some exciting news for those of you who have been waiting to order your Dragonsteel leatherbound edition of The Hero of Ages: you can now get your copy signed and personalized! We are still behind schedule so it may still take 8-12 weeks to get shipped out to you.

If you’re looking to order this edition of The Hero of Ages but want to support your local bookseller, you can still place an order from (most) of these bookshops:

  • BYU Bookstore
  • Subterranean Press (they have closed their orders, but should shortly be shipping out the books to those who did place orders
  • Mysterious Galaxy
  • Powell’s books
  • Borderland Books
  • Murder by the Book
  • Ubooks in Seattle

We decided to take advantage of the huge amount of books Brandon had to sign earlier this month to do something fun, so we set up a time-lapse to capture the process behind getting all these books ready to ship. Enjoy!

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Geography and Biomes, Brandon, Dan, Howard, and Mahtab Narsimhan who joins WX this year for a dozen episodes on worldbuilding, talk about geography and biomes and how settings can be central to the stories you tell, but they can also be backdrops, and the story purposes they serve may determine which tools we use to describe them.

Last week, in’s continuing reread of Oathbringer, Kaladin and Shallan arrive back from Thaylen City after having opened the Oathgate on that side. Dalinar drops a heavy burden on Kaladin’s life—that of (more) responsibility. When the war is over, he’ll have lands and people to manage in his capacity as a Shardbearer and a brightlord. Dalinar and his retinue activate the gate and step through, finding the destruction that the Everstorm has wrought. This week, in chapter 60, Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Elhokar, Skar, Drehy, and three of Shallan’s followers are riding the storm towards Kholinar. When they arrive, Kaladin immediately notices that the city is still under Alethi rule, but there’s something dark and wrong with the palace—or more accurately, the oathgate platform beside it.

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