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THE EYE OF MINDS + Steelhunt updates

Two weeks ago I talked about a bet I have with James Dashner that hinges on how many copies Steelheart and The Eye of Minds sell in their first week of release. Well, The Eye of Minds came out yesterday. You should totally check it out, especially if you want to see me forced to become Justin Bieber. We’ll know the result of the bet in a week or so!

My Steelheart tour continues (today I’m in Los Angeles and this weekend I’m in the Bay Area), and the Steelhunt continues as well. If you’re in the Salem, Oregon area, there is one code at the Reader’s Guide bookstore. Their sf/fantasy guru Kim Mainord will be happy to give it out.

For those in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you might find some other codes at the Red Balloon Bookshop. I got this email from Joan Trygg:

Hi Brandon,

The postcards and bookplates are tucked inside your books. I also wanted to let you know I handsold one yesterday. A young woman who had just finished Ender’s Game was looking for something “science fiction, but not all this,” by which I guessed she meant the general dystopian/supernatural/romance thing. So I handed her a few books, then I gave her Steelheart, and told her to sit down and read the first few pages. It wasn’t long before she came up to the counter to buy it. I told a co-worker the same thing, and now she can’t wait to read it either.

I was very glad to meet you. I do hope you will make Red Balloon a stop on your next visit to the Twin Cities!

Doing my best to help you not be Justin Bieber,

Joan Trygg
Red Balloon Bookshop

Thanks, Joan! I haven’t been to the Red Balloon but will have to check it out next time I’m in town!


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