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THE EMPEROR’S SOUL at Storybundle + WORDS OF RADIANCE tour notes

Words of Radiance came out yesterday. I’m on tour now; today I’m signing in the Los Angeles area and tomorrow I’ll be in the Bay Area for a lunchtime signing and an evening signing.

We had a great turnout at the midnight release, and the BYU Bookstore ordered enough copies that they managed not to sell out. In fact, there are about 50 copies left that are signed and numbered NOW SOLD OUT. Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego also has about 50 signed and numbered copies, and you can order one here while supplies last. Both stores will ship.

Yesterday before our outbound flight fromt the SLC airport, Ben McSweeney and I signed copies of Words of Radiance in the airport’s Simply Books store. I posted photos on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, and you can also see them in one place on (Note: Fans who went to check at the store report that these books have already been purchased by some lucky readers.) Ben’s not going on the whole tour with me, but I’ll be leaving signed books in airports across the country. Some will have Szeth cards inside, and some Szeth cards will have codes for the Shardhunt. I’m also posing Szeth in various locations on his travels during this tour, and you can see the photos on Twitter and Facebook.

Today marks the release of another project: the Epic Fantasy Bundle at Storybundle, available for the next 3 weeks only. Below are the ebooks that are included.

Storybundle Covers
Neil Gaiman, David Farland, Tracy Hickman, James Artimus Owen, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Peter David, Kevin J. Anderson, and Peter J. Wacks & Mark Ryan, along with me. This is a great lineup, and in the tradition of bundles like this, you can name your price and receive six of these ebooks, and if you pay more than $12 you receive the first six as well as The Emperor’s Soul, Clockwork Angels, and The Immortals. All are DRM-free. You can also decide yourself what the split is between the authors and the Storybundle organizers, and you can optionally pick from three charities to donation a portion to.

Please do note that my Hugo Award-winning novella The Emperor’s Soul is the only part of the bundle that can’t be included worldwide for licensing reasons—it’s not in the bundle if you buy it from the UK or Commonwealth/former Commonwealth countries (except for Canada, where it is included in the bundle). I apologize for throwing this wrench into things, but my UK publisher has exclusive distribution rights in those countries.

As a bonus, The Emperor’s Soul ebook now includes the deleted prologue with Hoid in a bonus content section at the end of the book. That’s in the Storybundle version, and my assistant Peter will be adding it to the other ebook stores’ versions soon (so that if you bought it already you should be able to redownload the book and receive the updated version). Right now that version of the book is on Google Play and the iBookstore, and it will be added to the other vendors’ versions when he can find a moment.


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