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The Apocalypse Guard


I’m back from tour, and slowly recuperating (and getting ready for my trip to Dubai). Calamity, I’m proud to say, did fantastically. Thank you all for your support! I didn’t think we had much of a chance on the bestseller lists this time, as—because of quirks in the system—we were up against some very difficult competition. We took #1 anyway. Huzzah!

A lot of people have been asking if this is the end of the Reckoners. It is. The trilogy is finished, and came together wonderfully. However, as you all know, I’m unlikely to leave an ending without some hints of where the characters would go in the future.

I don’t currently have plans to do a direct sequel series, but the next project I’m planning is in the same universe. This is a new trilogy in the works with Delacorte (the publisher of the Reckoners), and it’s the unnamed project I talked about in my State of the Sanderson post in December. It’s scheduled tentatively for a 2018 release, and it’s called The Apocalypse Guard.

Here’s the pitch:

Over a decade ago, people started manifesting strange, incredible powers. One side effect of this was an awareness of alternate dimensions—some of these powers could reach into other realities, other versions of Earth. Though infinite dimensions are present, most of these are unstable, existing only as vague possibilities.

A few of these worlds, however, are stable. These real, alternate versions of Earth are sometimes very, very different from the one we know. And a bizarrely large number of them, it turns out, are doomed. And so the Apocalypse Guard was founded: an organization of thousands of scientists, engineers, and extraordinary individuals who save planets.

They comb the dimensions searching for stable worlds to contact. When they find one that is facing some kind of cataclysm, the Guard either finds a way to save the planet, or evacuates it. The process can take years, but so far the Guard has saved some dozen planets—though it has lost half as many to utter destruction.

Emma is the Guard’s coffee girl. On summer internship at mission control, she gets to witness—from a safe distance—their activities. During the events surrounding the rescue of a planet, however, a shadowy group attacks the Guard and throws it into chaos. Emma finds herself cast through dimensions to be stranded on a doomed planet the Guard had been planning to save. Cut off from mission control, woefully inexperienced, Emma has to try to meet up with the Guard or find another way off the planet before cataclysm befalls it.

In the tradition of the Reckoners, The Apocalypse Guard is a fast-paced, action-oriented story with roots in comic book traditions. This one is a little more science fiction and fantasy than it is superhero, and it will dig deeper into the mythology begun in the Reckoners. It is not a sequel to the Reckoners, in that it has new characters and a new story, but it might help answer some questions left by the end of Calamity.

It’s going to be a little while before I write this. Stormlight 3 takes precedence currently, and after that I’m thinking I should probably write the sequel to The Rithmatist. However, I’ve been mulling over this new series a lot, and even went so far as to commission some concept art.

I’ve only done this before with the Stormlight books, having Ben McSweeney (who ended up becoming the illustrator for Shallan’s sketchbook pages) do concept roughs for the characters, so I could have them as kind of a quick reference for how the characters look.

This was really handy, and so I had it done for The Apocalypse Guard as well. We put the characters together in an action shot, though keep in mind that this was mostly for my internal reference (and kind of as a proof of concept). This isn’t the cover art, and isn’t intended to be a finished “movie poster” for the books. More a cool piece of concept art trying to nail down character looks and outfits.

Anyway, enjoy!

Art by Kelley Harris - Check out her website and Deviant Art Page!

Art by Kelley Harris – Check out her website and Deviant Art Page!

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