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THE ALLOY OF LAW midnight release tonight, Fan Trailer + Updates

This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode features Jonathan Mayberry talking with Mary, Howard, and Dan about avoiding pigeonholing yourself as a writer.

There’s a new chapter of my unfinished 2001 book MYTHWALKER up.

The big news, of course, is the release of my new Mistborn book, THE ALLOY OF LAW, tonight at midnight. The BYU Bookstore is already handing out line numbers as of 7:00 this morning; some dedicated fans camped out a week ahead of time to get the lowest numbers. For more details on how the signing tonight will go, please see the events calendar.

I should be sending out a newsletter tomorrow with a reminder of my upcoming tour stops, so if you want to be on the mailing list, be sure to tell me the city where you live.

Some fans put together a trailer for the book, which although not strictly accurate is still pretty awesome. (By the way, only the prologue of the book takes place in an Old West-type setting.)

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