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THE ALLOY OF LAW in three weeks + Updates

In the most recent Writing Excuses podcast episode, award-winning editor Lou Anders joins Dan, Mary, and Howard to discuss writing endings. Give it a listen.

My assistant posted another chapter of my abandoned novel MYTHWALKER from 2001.

MISTBORN: THE ALLOY OF LAW will be released in three weeks, and Sam Weller’s has already sold out of their preorder quota of signed and numbered copies. I’ll drive up there this Friday to do the signing, and then they’ll start shipping the books out with the goal of getting them to your door on November 8th. In some cases it might take a couple of days beyond that, since they need to estimate arrival time and have to be careful not to have the books arrive early (which is a no-no as far as the publisher is concerned). Please bear with them.

If you want a numbered copy but didn’t preorder in time, the other option is to come to the midnight release at the BYU Bookstore. Even they could sell out, so it’s a good idea to preorder so they make sure to have enough copies. (If there are any left over after that night you can have one shipped to you, but this doesn’t seem likely at this point.)

If you don’t care about a numbered copy but just want a signed book, check my events calendar to see whether I’ll be signing near you. I’m hitting many areas of the US with one stop in Canada for the first time, plus my first-ever tour of the UK. My calendar also lists some of my worldwide convention appearances for 2012. If you’d like to be sent an email reminder when I am appearing near you, join my mailing list and mention what city you live in.

I will even sign Kindles or Nooks if you’re into that sort of thing. Regardless, the ebook will be released the same day as the hardcover, which answers a frequently-asked question. You can read the first six chapters for free right now.

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