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Thanks! + Deleted Scene

First off, let me give a warm thank you to everyone who showed up at the booksigning on Saturday to buy copies of Mistborn 2. It’s easy to get down-in-the dumps about one’s writing—worrying that people don’t like Mistborn as much as Elantris, or that the publisher isn’t giving my books the right push, or that the Mistborn 1 paperback doesn’t have as good a cover as I wanted.

However, when the readers show up in force and keep me signing straight for three + hours, it really means a lot. None of you had to wait in line that long—I do plenty of signings, and it’s not hard to find signed copies in the area. What it says to me, however, is that people care and support my writing career. Thank you all so much! We sold some 200 books, which will do a lot for helping launch the novel. As I’ve said before, sales in the first few weeks on a book are very important, because a book sold now will be reordered and restocked by bookstores. That same book sold in December won’t be reordered, since the computers will see that it sat on the shelf for four months before anyone bought it.

Anyway, this has me feeling better about the book—even though I’m still worried about the paperback of book one. Regardless, I wanted to do a deleted scene today to say thanks. We’ll start on Mistborn 2 annotations next week, once it’s officially been out for a while. (Tuesday is the street date for it.)

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