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Tenth Anniversary Leather Edition of Mistborn: The Final Empire + Other Goodies

Kara here with an update on Brandon’s store, just in time for the holidays. We’ve been busy putting together several new products, and I’m excited to tell you about them.

First off, you might’ve heard rumors about our continuing the line of books we began with our leather edition of Elantris last year. This year, I’m officially announcing the release of our Tenth Anniversary leather edition of Mistborn: The Final Empire. These are signed and numbered and go on sale December 1st. Numbers are first-come, first-serve, though like last year, many of the low numbers will be sent to independent bookstores like: University Book Store (in Seattle), BYU Bookstore, Murder by the Book, Mysterious Galaxy, Subterranean Books, Powell’s, Borderlands Books, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Weller Book Works, and the King’s English.

Due to printing delays and Brandon’s touring schedule, we will not be able to guarantee delivery of this item in time for Christmas.

Like our edition of Elantris, the Dragonsteel edition of Mistborn is bound in premium bonded leather, and the pages are smyth-sewn, not glued like most regular books. Mistborn is printed in black and red inks on quality, acid-free paper, includes a bound-in satin-ribbon bookmark, full-color endpapers by Steve Argyle, gilded pages, and two-color foiling on the cover. A 24-page art gallery starts off the edition and features never-before-seen artwork and a new 2-page map of the Final Empire. We’ve made this the most beautiful edition of Mistborn yet, taking the best from the designs of the Era 1 and Era 2 books and melding that with what we began with the leather edition of Elantris. The Dragonsteel Leather edition of Mistborn is 672 pages.

A few months back, Steve Argyle revealed one of his Vin paintings, which we commissioned for the endpapers of our edition of Mistborn. We’ve created a large 18 x 24 poster of Steve’s beautiful illustration to adorn your walls. This same image is available in other formats—including as a playmat—at Steve’s store.

In addition to the Vin poster, we’ve also printed up full-color posters of some of the maps from our latest releases: a 12 x 16 of the Cosmere Constellations endpaper from Arcanum Unbounded, a six-pack of the star charts of the systems discussed in Arcanum Unbounded (each map 8 x 12) in print for the first time in color, a 12 x 18 of the map from the White Sand graphic novel, and an 18 x 24 of the new map of the Final Empire found in the leather edition of Mistborn.

One last item I want to highlight is our 2016 Holiday Cards, featuring original Mistborn Santa artwork by Shawn Boyles, who created the Dragonsteel logo and the map for Warbreaker. Printed on pearlescent cardstock, these cards sparkle just a little bit, like the morning sun on new-fallen snow. Yes, they are just that cool, and I hope you enjoy sending them to friends and family over the holidays. Comes in a 12-pack with matching pearlescent envelopes.


Watch the store over the next few weeks because we might be adding one or two new decals as well.

Just a few words on holiday shipping. Here are the deadlines for ordering items in order to receive them by December 24. Ordering earlier than this is even safer.
November 20: Personalized books, for international delivery.
December 1: Non-personalized items for international delivery.
December 5: Personalized books for US delivery.
December 15: Non-personalized items for US delivery.

We give these dates only as recommendations. If you order by these times, we promise we will do our best to get your order to you in a timely manner, but because of the many factors outside of our control, we cannot guarantee deliveries will arrive by December 24th.

Happy Holidays from the Dragonsteel Team. May you have a great December and look forward to a bright New Year!

|   Castellano