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Taiwan + Updates

Greetings from Taiwan! I will be attending the Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) this week. I’ll have more information on my exhibition schedule later this week. Watch this space for details. For those who want to attend, here’s address:

Taipei World Trade Center
10F., No.180, Section 1, Keelung Road
Taipei City, Taiwan 110

The Writing Excuses writing advice show has a new episode this week, The Worldbuilding Revolves Around Me (The Magical 1%). Dan, Mary, Howard, and I were lucky enough to have Max Gladstone sit in with us and talk to us about worldbuilding and how genre settings seem to revolve around whatever gifted, magical or otherwise special sort of people our heroes and villains happen to be. continues reread posts on The Way of Kings. Last week Carl commiserated with Adolin’s discovery of the shallowness of his friends, balanced by the depth of his bond with his lovely Ryshadium, Sureblood. This week, in Chapter 27, Alice Arneson returns to Shallan’s past in the pleasant, homey estate of the Davar family in Jah Keved.

My assistant Adam has updated the Twitter posts archive for February.

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