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Stormlight 4 & 5 outlining
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Starsight (Skyward 2) 5th draft
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Stormlight 4 rough draft
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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Annotations + Comic

Mistborn 2 new annotation: Acknowledgements. And, because that one is lame and short, here’s a good one: Maps and Interior Art. Thanks to everyone who has been buying and sending word of being able to find Alcatraz in the stores! (And as an aside, I just noticed that the clever, talented, and well-mannered Paul Christopher Read the full article…

MB3 Update ‘N Things

Whew. I’ve decided to rewrite two of the viewpoints for MB3 in this last rewrite. There will be more about why when we do the annotations for this book–anything I say now could be spoilers for Book Two. Which, by the way, I’d like to say thanks to all of you for pre-ordering. My pre-orders Read the full article…

Contest Update + Warbreaker

First off, new Warbreaker Chapter: Chapter Forty-Eight Also, as always, you can find out more about Warbreaker on this thread. A week and a half into it, I’m beginning to feel good about the Mistborn 3 rewrite. I’ve managed to hammer the kinks out of some of the early problem chapters. The nice thing about Read the full article…

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