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Warbreaker + Ramblings

Wednesday Warbreaker: Chapter 27! (Assuming I linked it right this week….) As always, find more chapters–and the discussion about this chapter–on my forums. Also, this right here just totally cracked me up: ((Read the whole comic to get the full effect.) In other news of note, I DON’T have a booksigning this weekend, despite what Read the full article…

Warbreaker + Maps

First off, Wednesday Warbreaker! This is chapter 25, for those keeping count, and marks the end of Part Two (at least philosophically. I don’t know if these divisions will remain in the book when it gets published. So, to be helpful, I’ve collected all of Part Two together in a single download. As always, find Read the full article…

Warbreaker + Idea

First off, let’s get to the important thing. It’s Wednesday, and I have a new chapter of Warbreaker for you. And, because I’m feeling like it, let’s do a story prompt. Idea of the Day: Write about a world–or a species of humans–where the female is the larger of the species. Optional Difficulty: No “Amazon Read the full article…

Signing + Pictures + Warbreaker

First off, it’s Wednesday, and I realize many of you are probably waiting for a new Warbreaker chapter. So, without further argument, here it is: Remember, this is actually the second half of the previous chapter. I’m going to make them one file when I post them to the archives on my website and Read the full article…

Scalzi Award + Warbreaker

First off, new Warbreaker. There will be more on this chapter next week. . . . As always, I really appreciate comments on the TWG thread or on my Livejournal. Also, you can find all of the previous chapters at the beginning of the thread. . . . Now, on to other business. Let me tell you a tale. Read the full article…


I’m at worldcon in LA! Sorry I didn’t get a warbreaker for Wednesday. I left too early in the morning. I will post two next week, I promise.

Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for February 2006

—Breaking News: Brandon will be appearing as a guest on the “Wakin’ Up With Rebecca and Kurt” radio show Wednesday, the 22nd at around 8:30 am. The station is AM 820, and should be available in Utah County and Salt Lake.— INTRODUCTION Howdy all! You’re getting this because you signed up for the Brandon Sanderson Read the full article…

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