Current Projects
Oathbringer (Stormlight 3) fourth and fifth drafts
34 %
Snapshot novella release
100 %
The Dark Talent (Alcatraz 5) release
100 %
Edgedancer (Stormlight novella) release
100 %

Newsletter + Tweets October 28-November 4

Brandon’s assistant Peter here while Brandon is out on tour. Um, TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT has been released! I sent out a newsletter about that and a few other things yesterday. I also talk about the deadline for ordering stuff from Brandon’s store in time for Christmas delivery. You can read it here. If you want Read the full article…

Tweets October 16-21

BrandSanderson Sat Oct 16 Congrats Josh and Mi’chelle of @17thshard. (They met because of my books!) BrandSanderson Mon Oct 18 At bedtime tonight, we went from “Daddy, sing a song” to “Daddy, go away. Go get mommy to sing!” in record time. DarkElms Sun Oct 17@BrandSanderson Read your long blog post about future project. Read the full article…

Recent Tweets

Brandon’s assistant Peter here. We’re trying something new today. You may have noticed that for the past few months, Brandon has been blogging less and posting short updates to Twitter and Facebook more often. There are a number of people who don’t follow either feed (though did you know that you can get Twitter updates Read the full article…